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13 April 2013

Few Ways to Display your Airtel Number & Get Call Back !

Well if you forgot your own Airtel number and you want anyone to tell you that what it was, well then your own phone can show you your real number without any problem as there is a small code which when dialed will show your own number. Check below screenshot how I just dialed and got my own Airtel Number shown to me right on my screen.


So now the way I used in the above screenshot simply allows you to recharge your mobile number using Airtel Money service + it shows your number too. So you can just dial a simple number from your phone that's *400*2*1*1*0# and then it will show your number and will give you option to recharge your mobile number.

Well there are pretty more easy ways as suggested by users commenting below, well you can even dial *282# for short as it's the easiest one, another easy code is *121*9# and there is one more code that you can try out for getting call back right from your own number *140*1600# so now just dial this number and wait for getting call back from your own number.

So there were the easiest ways to get your airtel number displayed and even get a call back from your own number so have fun, gud bye :)