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07 April 2013

List of URL Shortening Websites that Pay's for Shortening

url-shortening-website-imageURL Shortening is an easy way to create short links for long URL's for easier and faster sharing. So you simply converts a long URL in short and then share it using your devices or other social media services. Now it just works as a redirection service but its automated and many online website's provide you an easy center to do so. You can even register on their website to get your own personalized account and then track all the URL's and clicks made on them. But the best thing is that few website's even pay you for creating short URL's and then sharing it with your friends.

How these Website's Pay you for just Shortening ?

Well this might be the question in your mind, that why these website's are paying us and off course how they are making money for paying huge payouts, well the answer simply lies out the advertisement's you see while using these website's. Either they might be using ads on their website's or they might be promoting other websites by using an iframe and showing you a Skip Ad option like in Adf.ly.

So you normally use this website's and they make money for ads that are clicked on their website's, then they just pay a small part from that big amount.

Are these Website's Worth to Trust ?

Well not all of them are worth to be trusted as a genuine monetizing shortening service like we disclosed the Adfoc.us Scam as they did not pay my friend his hard worked amount, but yes not all of them are like this many of them are worth to be tried and they really pay, as I have made my first payment from these website's. So like mine or everyone else first choice is Adf.ly as it is the best service in the URL shortening services.

Website's that Pay's for Shortening your URL's ?

Now comes the main thing, what are all the website's that you can use to shorten your URL and earn few bugs with your loyal readership. So just make sure that your are sharing something useful that people for sure clicks on the skipping option for you to make money.

  1. Adf.ly
  2. Adv.li
  3. Adlock.in
  4. Linkbucks.com
  5. Ity.im
  6. Blv.me

So these were the few website link's that I think might be useful for you in making money by shortening your URL's, if you think I missed some just mention them in comments and I will update this list with those website link's, have fun and enjoy :)