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08 April 2013

Top 10 Online Brand Logo's that Have Hidden Meanings

People usually design logo's to make their long meaningful quote a small image. So they try to combine few things to come up with a nice logo that looks good, brings consistency to their brand and even solve their purpose by translating their brand image. So today I found 10 biggest brands that nice logo's but with some hidden meanings, so you might be aware of these hidden things, so I am here to disclose them :) via - gizmocrazed


#1. Amazon - you might have seen the Amazon's logo, that has a curve arrow below them, well that's nothing but a pointing arrow from A to Z and that means that sell every item in retail from A to Z, and even represents the smiling face.


#2. Apple - if you have seen Apple's logo it shows a bitten apple, well its taken from "Tree of Knowledge" from story of Adam and Eve in the Bible.


#3. IBM - logo consist of white lines crossing parallel to each other, well this simply states the Equal Sign hence brings the love of "Equality" among everyone.


#4. Mobil - logo is made up of simple Red and Blue color, well in this Red color states the "Strength" and blue color states "Faithfulness" and "Security"


#5. FedEx - has a simply contrasted logo but hides a very good meaning in it. If you look closely at the orange colored Ex in the logo, you will see a arrow pointing on the right, well that moving forward and delivering happiness.


#6. Audi - many people wonders why there are four circle in Audi logo, well even I wondered a lot but today I came to know about it, well they have four circles to represent four companies DKW, Horch, Wanderer & Audi, that were the part of Auto Union Consortium in 1932.


#7. BMW - logo shows a propeller of plane in motion while the blue color represents the sky, well this is because earlier BMW was known for creating German military planes in World War II.


#8. Mercedes-Benz - logo has a circle with 3 arrows pointing in each direction plus it even has three white spaces that represents land, sky and sea. This means that Mercedes-Benz is dominant over all of them.


#9. Toyota - logo has three eclipse in its logo representing the heart of customer, the heart of product and the heart of technological progress for future.


#10. Volkswagen - logo has two letter's engraved on it, "V" representing "Volks" meaning people and "W" representing "Wagen" meaning car. So overall it means "People's Car".