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01 August 2013

Name Secrets about Renowned IT Companies Revealed

IT-Companies-LogosBig IT companies usually pack their every stuff into a small package and that goes the same for their name too, well many high level brands which you are aware about have a renowned name but the real secret about that name is still hidden only few people might be aware about what that companies real name means or hides in back of it. Well I found out some good secrets about them like the full-form of these short brands so check them out also check out the hidden brand logo’s meanings post I posted earlier.

  1. Google - Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language of Earth.
  2. Apple - Ariane Passenger Pay Load Experiment.
  3. HCL - Hindustan Computer Limited.
  4. IBM - International Business Machines Corporation.
  5. HP - Hewlett-Packard.
  6. WIPRO - Western India Product Limited.
  7. GE - General Electronics.
  8. Adidas - All Day I Dream About Sports.
  9. Yahoo - Yet Another Hierarchy of Officious Oracle.
  10. NASA - National Aeronautics Space Administration.
  11. Infosys - Information System.
  12. TCS - Tata Consultancy Services.
  13. ISRO - Indian Space Research Organization.
  14. BPL - British Process Laboratory.
  15. AOL - American Online.
  16. CISCO - Computer Information System Company.
  17. Sony - Sound Of New York.
  18. Intel - Integrated Electronics.
  19. DELL - Michael DELL.
  20. AMD - Advance Micro Devices.
  21. LENOVO - LE(Legend), NOVO(New).
  22. COMPAQ - Compatibility & Quality.
  23. ICICI - Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India.
  24. HDFC - Housing Development Finance Corporation.
  25. Oracle - Oak Ridge Automatic Computer and Logical Engine.

Now currently I found these few, but obviously the world is not over new companies will be born and other one’s will be added as soon as I grab them up, so stay tuned this post will be updated. Till then have fun and do share this post will all your friends.