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02 August 2013

Smooth Browsing Experience using your Mouse Gestures

All in One Gestures add-on for Firefox adds that Gesture control functionality to your browser. Now you can easily and smoothly surf your web by just using some mouse gestures that are fixed up for you. Now you get back to your page or go again to that previous page by just drawing some lines on your screen. This not only includes using your mouse gestures but you can even use your rocker navigation and mouse scroll button for more easy access to your stuff. This add-on developed by Marc Boullet comes really handy when you are in sincere mood to browse new stuff and that too little fast.

So now just install this extension in your Firefox browser using the link on the right, well if you still did not get what this extension really does then you can check out the below video that covers every thing detail about this add-on.