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03 August 2013

How to Embed Facebook Posts in your Blogger Blog

Like Twitter Facebook has also rolled out that post embedding feature so that you can get maximum exposure on your posts and articles you publish on these social media website’s + even sharing some more useful news's on these sites gets much more easier with these new roll outs. So now this one works pretty similar to how you did this on Twitter, you just need to choose the story you wanna embed on and then you need to click on the Embed option copy the code and that’s it you can easily paste that code on any website and share.

embed-iconNow to embed any post you can just click on the Embed link you have when you click on the small arrow icon on the side of you post. But still you will not get this direct Embed option as Facebook has just rolled out this feature to few people. But obviously we have another easy option that will allow you to Embed any post on your blog easily.

Manually Creating an Embeddable FB Post

So now when automatic process is not allowed we will be manually creating embeddable post for your Facebook posts and images, that you can easily embed in your website.

  1. post-urlVisit Facebook > Post. Just click on its Timestamp to copy its link. We will use this link to generate the embeddable code.
  2. Now visit Facebook Embeddable Post Generator and paste your link where it says URL of Story & press Enter.
  3. Now it will display a preview of your post if its looks fine, just click on Get Code and choose the code you wanna use.
  4. Now right over here you will see two codes the first one is the JavaScript that you might have already installed in order to run your like and other button, so you will only need to copy the second code that <div class="fb-post" and that’s your code.
  5. Now just visit Blogger > Post and that while creating your post just enter this code where ever you want to embed the FB post.
  6. Now hit preview and see if its working or not, if not then you might have not fixed the JavaScript correctly just paste that up.

So that’s it guys now you can easily embed your Facebook posts right in your website without any problem, well if you wanna check out a demo just check below :)