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03 August 2013

Accelerate uTorrent Downloads using uTorrent Optimizer

utorrent-speedup-pro[8]Optimizers are kind of applications or add-ons whatever you can call them, their work is to optimize your software to get maximum benefit from it, as I earlier I posted about IDM Optimizer that can be used to boost up your downloads using IDM by changing some registry entries and making some more changes. So today I found another add-on kind of tool called uTorrent Speedup Pro that is considered to be the boosting application for uTorrent Downloads.

So as mentioned by its creator it acts as optimizer for your uTorrent settings in general and for downloads in particular. So now it just calculates everything and provides you with the most favorable settings available for your best downloading experience.

uTorrent Speedup Pro Features :)

So not only boosting but it has more functionality in reality, well it automatically clears all the finished downloads and corrupted one’s too. It can automatically resume your interrupted downloads. Optimizes bandwidth use for more good download experience and obviously much more. A very simple interface with simple function.

  1. Download uTorrent Speedup Pro. (No key needed, It’s a Free Version)
  2. Now you will get a .zip package, extract it using WinRAR or default .zip tool.
  3. Now you will get a .exe file, just double click over it & install it.
  4. Now click on the icon & you will see your tool like above in the image.
  5. Just click on the Accelerate button and press Run uTorrent.
  6. Now it will open your uTorrent application now just load some torrents.
  7. That’s it it will do its work automatically you do not need to do anything.
  8. Just see your downloads accelerating.