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24 September 2013

Generate 3D Text Effects using 3D Text Generator Tool

World is just changing to 3D now every movies you watch comes in 3D for more impressionative view, well even people are just trying to do things in 3D so that it attracts more and more customers. So now if you are thinking of creating some 3D text effect well you can easily do that using an online 3D text generator tool that comes with many options to make your text look awesome.

Well when I first used this tool I thought that there are only only few effects that we can use but then I just started searching for more effects and I came to know that this one website delivers premium effects for free and that in dozens of quantity.

3D awesome effect

So I created a demo effect somewhat like above as you can see, it looks just awesome, due to all those shadows and lighting it simply looks 3D. So now using this tool you can create stone effects, liquid effects, make some awesome country flags text effect and thousands of more awesome effects that too for free.

Well now if you consider about the time it takes to convert and make your effect, well its really low I guess I tried creating my effects and it works pretty well. So now lets see how exactly it works.
  1. Visit 3D Text Generator Tool.
  2. Now you need to configure your style according to what you need.
  3. So now the first option is the rendering style, so choose that it comes pre defined with lightning and shadow effect, so you can configure it too on your own.
  4. Now after you have chosen a good rendering style you need to choose a good 3D pattern for more awesome style.
  5. Now just add your text instead of "Sample" so that your new text could render easily.
  6. You can few more option like font-size and more options just choose them accordingly and then best option is Font-Style.
  7. Choose a good font they have plenty of fonts so make to get a nice font, else you can anytime change the font and get new design.
  8. Now its time to render the whole effect so click on Calculate Effect and that's it now your text will render in few seconds, so wait and watch.

So now your creativity not only ends here there are few more 3D effects you can choose from, so just try them out too, well do check below video for more insight in how this tool actually works.