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21 September 2013

Trick to Find Windows XP Product Key from CD Itself

windows-xp-logoWindows product keys are used in order to activate the OS and reload its full functionality else it will not work properly and even show those un genuine errors, well now Windows XP is little bit older as we have new generation OS ready to be installed on your system like Windows 8.1 or even Windows 7 (I like it a lot) but still if you are a Windows XP addict then we have an awesome trick for you that will allow you to disclose its product key right from the installation CD.

Yes we posted about the Windows Product key finder tool that scans for the product key on running machine even that can come handy but if you have not installed the OS yet and you are finding the genuine then this tutorial can be lucky for you.
  1. So just pop in the Windows XP installation disc in your CD-Rom and then open the CD using Explorer.
  2. Now you need to find a folder named i386
  3. Now we need to find a file named UNATTEND.TXT so if you are not able to see the .TXT extension no problem.
  4. So now just open this file using Notepad and scroll down to the bottom till you actually see the Product Key.

So that's it guys now you are able to see the product key of Windows XP, so now you can use that in order to install Windows XP on your system. Well if above stuff is not clear to you then you watch the below video tutorial.