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05 September 2013

How to Create GIF Images using Camtasia Studio 8

gif-imageRecently I posted on how you can manipulate speed of any GIF file to make much more cooler according to you, so I though this tutorial could also prove to be useful for people who really want to share demo for something using GIF Image and not videos. So now creating GIF Image using Camtasia Studio is really easy you do not need to study hard to operate this software but they have a simple in built option to create GIF images. So you just need a small clip and then it can be converted into GIF Image.

By the way if you are not aware about camtasia studio it's a simple screen recording tool that you can use to record your screen and post them as a video clip on YouTube or other video hosting platform.

Converting Video Clips into GIF Image's

So now follow below steps and even check below video for full details on how this can be done easily. Make sure you have Camtasia Studio installed on your PC.

  1. Open Camtasia Studio and press Record the Screen option.
  2. Now record your small clip that you want to be converted into a GIF Image.
  3. Now after recording is done choose Save & Edit option and it will open your Camtasia Studio editor.
  4. Now you can edit your clip adding effects to it like bubbles annotations or zoom effect depending on your creativity.
  5. Now after your have completed editing your video clip, head over to Produce & Share option and choose Custom Production Settings.
  6. Now choose the last option GIF - animated file and hit next for configuring other options, like watermark, colors, framerate.
  7. So now tweak settings according to the output image you want and then hit next and enter the name of your GIF image.
  8. Now hit the render key and your rendering will start, so wait for few seconds or minutes depending on your video clip.
  9. So now you will get your GIF Image which you can upload and share with all your friends using online image hosting website's.