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05 September 2013

How to Convert your Blog Visitors into Loyal Reader's

blog+readersBlogging basically means to spread knowledge through the fast and most modern medium "Internet" few people does not understand the true meaning of blogging and they are just misusing this awesome platform by doing spammy stuff like I did earlier providing stuff that might anyone or something related to piracy and other stuff, well soon after I lost my adsense account and I switched from being bad to entirely changing into a good blogger but it needs a lot of patience and hard work, but still I think I have achieved so much being that simple good guy.

But still converting regular blog visitors into loyal subscribing reader's had been the toughest JOB, but still following below rules can surely get you all those visitors subscribing to your blog for daily updates.

  1. Posting Best & Useful Content - yes obviously this is going to be the first and the most important point in getting more loyal readers, you need to publish best and really useful content that could really attract more and more visitors using Google or any other search engine. Make sure you publicize your post by using normal means or using few insane ways.
  2. newsletter-subscribe-box[3]Creating a Nice Subscribe Widget - well if you could you should add a nice subscribe widget on your blog that could get you more and more visitors subscribing so that they can be called up later when ever you post any new good post. Well you can check out my awesome subscribe widget that might prove useful to you.
  3. Providing Fast & Accurate Response - hmmm really helps if you get good comments, well people usually comment to appreciate about the post or they have some query, so solving that problem as soon as possible and that too with accurate and good response will surely help you in converting that single visitor into loyal reader.
  4. Providing Free Stuff & Downloads - people love getting free stuff or useful downloads, like providing all your reader with anything like icon set or something related to your blog's niche so they like that and they should get attracted towards your blog for more awesome future downloads.
  5. Organizing Free Giveaways - providing visitors with giveaways like useful tools like iDM or anything that might be useful for them can get them in subscribing to your blog for future updates. So make sure the software or any tool you are providing is worth for one subscribing to your blog.

So possibly these were few points I guess that could help you out in converting your blog visitors into loyal readers, well do comment if you have any point that we could add in out above list we will be grateful to you :)