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26 September 2013

Fix D3D & Graphic Card Error's in Mortal Kombat PC

mortal kombat windows pc

Hey everyone so recently I just installed the new Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition on my Window's PC, well frankly saying I did not purchased the game and I used some other free means to get the game running on my PC but I think that only think made that game to popup few errors like D3D Error which is an Aspect Ratio Error and the other one Graphic Error, as I am having a 1 GB graphic card installed on my PC so I should not get any of these above errors but I still got them.

So now I was really curious to play this awesome game and I just searched on how I can fix these errors and play my game with ease and luckily I found an easy tweak that allows you to fix this error and play the game smoothly. And many people are getting this single error so if you are the one this below tut should fix it up.

  1. Download the MKKE-Config-Files.zip package.
  2. Now the above package contains two files that will fix your D3D error issue and the graphic issue too, so extract the .zip package and get those two files.
  3. Now you need to navigate to C: > Users > Your Name > App Data > Roaming > MKKE, now replace these two files with downloaded ones.

    Note If you are not able to see the App Data folder, make sure you have selected to show hidden files.
  4. So now last step it to make the dxdiag.txt file as Read Only, so right click over it and make sure that Read Only option is selected and then press Apply OK.

So now you have completed all the steps and you are ready to rock the game, well now just try to open up the game and it will work fine. Note Well if you face any slow speed in the game try to decrease the resolution, texture quality and everything else then it will work fine. Do check below video for more easy understanding.