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27 September 2013

How to Copy Direct Links to Website in Google Search

google-logoGoogle is the best and widely used search engine and people just search anything they need using this search engine, so sometimes we just need to find a website or some related page and we need to copy the direct link to post it somewhere or to share it on facebook with other friend's or so. But if you have noticed if you search anything on Google and try to copy the link to that website, you won't get direct link to that website instead of that you will see some link starting the Google's URL, so basically they are just tracking the clicks and analyzing everything.


So this is how the above URL looks like to visit our blog using Google's search engine, so if if you do not want to get this big URL and you just need that small direct link to your website then we have an easy solution to that stuff.

Well we will be using a small userscript that will stop the Google's tracking and allow us to copy direct link for any website.

Installing Don’t track me Google Userscript

So this userscript can be installed on both chrome and firefox but if you are on chrome you might wanna see this tutorial on how to install third party userscripts as now chrome do not allow to install these scripts directly and if you are using firefox then you will need to install Greasemonkey and then install the extension.

  1. Install Don't Track Me Google userscript.
  2. On chrome install it directly following this tutorial.
  3. On firefox first install Greasemonkey and then install the above userscript.
  4. That's it now just refresh your Google homepage and try searching anything and then try to copy link to any result now you will be able to copy the direct link to that website, so now you are able to share it with anyone.

So that's it guys, now you are able to copy direct link to any website using this easy userscript, now try using it and do share it with your friends.