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06 September 2013

Splinter Cell Blacklist 100% PC Save Game Files Download


Today games have the ability to save themselves time to time maintaining all the hard work you have done. So you do not have to stop the game and then save it but its done automatically bit still few crashes, game corruption, windows faults can make your game stop and then you only have the choice to re-install the game or windows and then start from all over but now days if you have a Save Game file for that game backed Up then you can easily get to that stage right away.

So now recently I was playing Splinter Cell Blacklist game, well it's a pretty cool game, I liked it too much but yesterday my PC got corrupted and my whole game was lost and I even had no back up for that game ready to be executed. So I searched all over the internet for the save game files and by luck I found one person providing those files and guess what those files just worked pretty fine. So I just though to share these save game files with all others who might be searching for this one.

Now if you were searching searching for the Splinter Cell Blacklist 100% PC save Game files, then your search ends here. I have uploaded PC save game files for all the missions 12 and these all mission's have sub mission, so overall it's a big game. Now you just need to follow below steps in order to get these files working.

  1. Download Splinter Cell Blacklist PC Save Game Files.
  2. Now after downloading those files extract the .zip package, to single folder or so.
  3. You will get 12 folders, all contains Save Games for different missions.
  4. Now just open any folder and you will find Blacklist folder that what the folder you need to copy.
  5. Now navigate to C: > Libraries > Documents > Ubisoft.
  6. Now you will see that same Blacklist folder right over here, just replace it with your new Blacklist folder you just downloaded.

That's it now your save game is replaced and you could easily play the new missions. If you think you have already completed that mission just change the Save Game with another file and try again. Well do check below video for easy tutorial.