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06 September 2013

Get Notifications when Facebook Friends come Online


Social networking has just changed out lives, we can now easily interact with anyone living aboard and even send them important file fro getting our business high. So now people just love to chat with anyone online and sending them emoticons and other funky text, well but still people are not attached to everyone and they just want a single person to chat with it can be there girl friend, relative or a high class business partner.

So now when they come online to when they go you are not notified about that, so you are left alone when ever they online you might offline or vise versa, but we have found two apps that could fulfill your wish for sending you notification as soon as your specified person comes online.

"Facebook Online Friends Notify" for Android phones and "Fav Alert" for iOS Devices pops up those notifications as soon as someone comes online. So you can mention the person you want to see notifications for, so you are not getting annoying notification's but only specified one's.

So now follow below steps to install the applications and then use them right on your device. You need to grant permissions.

  1. Install apps on your Android device and iOS Device.
  2. Now after installation open the apps and Sign In with your Facebook account, you will need to grant permissions to app for accessing your account.
  3. Now you need to specify persons you want to get notified as soon as they come online. So specify few person's
  4. That's it now as soon as that person comes online you will get notification like in the above image, so enjoy guys and have fun :)