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30 October 2013

How to Make Money using your Facebook Fan Page

make-money-fb-fan-pageYou all will be having a facebook fan page if you work as a blogger, freelancer or some other media line, well facebook fan page has taken our reader engagement to a next level, you can easily share post, videos, images, ask questions and even add some nice polls in order to gain interests from your readers. Facebook even provides you with the option to promote your posts with people all over the world but for some price.

So overall if you analyze facebook fan page has a great importance and if you have really worked hard in order to gain fan page likes using genuine search techniques or using our webpage script or even using any third party services like addmefast then you really want to know some method's through which you can earn some money using your facebook fan page.

Methods to Make Money using Facebook Fan Page

Well I have gathered few methods that will help you in making some nice money using your facebook fan page but one conditions always apply that how big your fan following is on your page, if its huge you will make good money, but its low then you really want to consider increasing your fan page members using tricks provided above.

  1. Affiliate Marketing - affiliate marketing is the best way to make money by referring your readers or your friends to a website that you have signed up for using your affiliate link and when ever the purchase some stuff you are rewarded with some commission. So likewise there are many affiliate website that you can start with so if you are particularly based in India then Top 5 Affiliate Website's would be the best option to start up with, so just sign up onto any of these websites.

    Now after you have signed up for any of the website mentioned in the above post then you can get your affiliate links to specific products, now just add some nice review about that product on your website, make sure the review is genuine and then attach your link onto that post, so if anyone make's a purchase using your link you will be rewarded with some commission.
  2. Advertising - it's the second best option after affiliate marketing, well if you do not have any interest in getting involved in all that affiliate marketing then you can just start advertising other's website's on your page. So you can set your own rate like $20-30 per post or anything depending on your fan likes. If you really have a huge readership and you think people really engage in your blog then you can easily ask for more money and vise versa.

    So overall it's a good option and will surely get you in some cash, well the other think is to get some tracking link and a post that link to your website, so if person do not want to pay per post he can pay per click, so you can track all those clicks and easily turn all those clicks into some hard cash.
  3. Selling Fan Page - well this is not recommend unless you are getting a really good price, so like I just found a nice fan page and it was having some likes around 300K+ and he was asking for about $20 as the post advertisement fees, well I just asked him if he wanted to sell his page as I was willing to grab that page so that I could get some more facebook fans that could in return give me more website hits.

    So I messaged him and asked for the price for his fan page, so he send me the message and said yes he is interested in selling that page but in return he would like to have $1100 as payment to be paid. So I laughed and deleted that messages, so you basically get the point well I did not purchase that page but if you find someone who really wants to purchase your page then you can likely sell your page for some good money.

So as explained above briefly these were the three points I think that can help you in making some good money using free Facebook Fan Pages, well creating facebook fan page is easy but building good readership and fan's database is really hard, so make sure you do exactly what you know. So guys if you really liked this post then make sure to give a +1 below and share this post with all your friends.