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27 October 2013

How to check your iPhone Model & Other iPhone Status

f0recast-iphone-modelIf you are using iPhone then you continuously fiddle everytime a new update is released to check what you are really have in order to download the full firmware files. Well you even sometimes what to know your IMEI number in order to check your factory unlock status or your baseband in order to see if you can easily unlock your iPhone or not.

Well now to get everything there is obviously a manual way by which you need to explore all those things using your iPhone and iTunes or you can be smart and use a simple tool from renowned developer ih8sn0w caller "f0recast".

F0recast is a simple tool that simply connects your iPhone and iTunes all together in order to get the whole information right in front of you in one screen.

Checking iPhone Serial Number & IMEI Number

Well if you want to check what is the serial number or IMEI number of your iPhone then this tool can easily show you all that stuff. You get to know your Serial Number, IMEI Number, ECID, Baseband Information used in order to unlock your iPhone, Bootloader and the best one is your iPhone Model.

Checking SHSH Blobs on Cydia for iPhone

Well recently the iOS 7 downgrading tutorial was released and I was really happy and I wanted to downgrade my iPhone for unknown reasons ;p but I didn't as I was not able to but that process requested you to have your SHSH Blobs saved on Cydia for earlier firmware version that you are thinking to migrate upon.

So currently on iPhone 4 was supported but still this till can even show you exactly which SHSH Blobs you currently have for your iPhone. So its pretty cool and can be really useful.

Checking if your iPhone is Jailbreakable & Unlockable

Well sometimes you directly want to see if your iPhone is Jailbreakable or Unlockable then this tool can come in handy, it can easily show you if your iPhone could be jailbreaked by checking firmware status online or it can be unlocked by checking the baseband status using Ultrasn0w so its easy and fast to detect the status.

So now as you can see this tool comes with many benefits and is available for free but you only need to make sure that your computer has iTunes installed in order to run this tool else it might show you some errors.
  1. Download F0recast tool for Windows or MAC.
  2. Now simply connect your iPhone to your computer and then run this tool.
  3. As soon as you will run this tool you will see a simple tool windows open.
  4. That's where you will see all your iPhone details pretty easily.

So guys this ends this tutorial, well I have embed below video that shows this tool in action, so guys have a look at below video and enjoy this tool.