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01 November 2013

How to Install LAN Ethernet Drivers without Internet

Sometimes after installing windows on your system, LAN Ethernet drivers drivers are not automatically installed and hence you are not able to connect to the internet for downloading your other driver updates. Well this happens with me many times when ever I am installing windows on some older PC or Laptop's so I started searching for some easy offline based solution that could help me out in order to install my Ethernet LAN drivers easily on any system.

Well I came across a nice solution called "3DP Net" that provides an offline solution to install any Ethernet LAN Drivers easily. One simple package contains enough drivers that fulfills every system requirements.

Installing LAN Drivers being Offline

So now if you are facing the same problem mentioned above then check below guide on how this little tools works and how you can easily install your LAN Ethernet drivers without internet and that too being offline.

  1. Download 3DP Net Tool for Windows (74MB)
  2. Now after downloading this tool you need to execute this tool in order to scan your missing LAN Drivers.
  3. So now it will automatically make a scan for your missing drivers and it will show you the appropriate driver for your hardware.
  4. Now you need to click on that driver name and it will start installing that driver onto your system, so being offline you are able to install drivers.
  5. That's it now after your have completed installing your LAV Drivers you will be connected to your internet, now just download rest of those drivers using Driver Reviver or Driver Booster tool.

So guys now as you can see how easy it was to install your LAN Ethernet drivers without internet using a simple tool that recognizes and install's your drivers automatically. Well hope this utility will help you out.