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02 November 2013

How KBC Pays Big Amounts to Participants & Hosts

kbc-logoKBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) is the biggest Indian reality show that has continued for 6 seasons and its till on going. With the biggest and most reputed actor Mr. Amitabh Bachchan hosting this how this show has gained a lot popularity. Well it's the one hot spot for any normal knowledge based individual to become crorepati in just few hours. But still once thing catches all out minds that how KBC Raises those funds that are needed to pay to the participants, hosts, once lucky lakhpati winner.

So in this we will be discussing on how KBC creates those huge funds to pay to every single individual participating and still saving a lot for their own crew and staff. So pretty much I had three main questions in my mind mentioned below, so we will be taking a look at all three questions and answering them one by one.
  1. What are the Income Sources for KBC ?
  2. How GBJJ (Ghar Bheto Jeeto Jackpot) participants are paid 1-2 Lakh ?
  3. How much Sir. Amitabh Bachchan is paid for 1 KBC Episode ?

So now as you can see all the questions above, well will be answering all the questions below and lets see what the real thing behind these awesome shows, and how exactly these guys are making a lot of money.

Well first the money raised by KBC is absolutely white, genuine and legalized created using some hardcode business tactics that simply manipulated the money stream. Mr. Siddhartha Basu who is the director and producer of this show has taken this show to new heights with his mind manipulation. So lets see how.

#1. What are the Income Sources of KBC ?

Well now discussing about the income sources, well KBC generates his whole lot of revenue using the Mobile Messaging stream and Television Media Advertising option. As you already know to register for KBC you need to send messages to their number that are ties up with some network provider like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone and others. So normally you are charged approx. Rs.4-6 per sms and according to the total Indian Population that includes 28 states, if 100 subscribers attempts a single message that will sum up to 6 x 100 x 20 x 28 = Rs.336000 so this is the amount that's raised within a time period of 15 min.

So now as you can see a sum of Rs.3.6 Lakh is generated within a time period of 15 min but you are allowed to vote for 24 Hours so you can easily Sum up the total amount. on how much money is generated using this single stream.

This was the first stream of income, the second stream is direct and even more wide depending on the advertiser and period he intends to advertise. Well normally watching the KBC show you might see some ads popping up like Cadbury, or others and rest are taken into consideration when the break comes in, so you are able to see all those ads like Airtel and other, so that sums up a lot of money.

So if you just make a total of all the money that's generated you could easily figure how easily these modern shows are making money and paying all those BIG hosts and surviving with their crew and staff members.

#2. How GBJJ Participants are paid 1-2 Lakh ?

Well as we have summed up the calculations above you can easily figure out how much money KBC show members are making using all those viral streams, now paying 1-2 lakh to that GBJJ member is not big option they are paid from the collected after deducting their Tax amount and other government authorized taxes.

#3. How much Sir. Amitabh Bachchan is paid for 1 KBC Episode ?

Well now we all assume this thing when we see Mr. Big-B on the stage of KBC, well we think how much this great personality is being paid to host this show and that too the way its meant too. Well there is not doubt that without Sir. Amitabh Bachchan this show went to the degraded line when Sharukh Khan stepped, well no one else then BIG-B could handle this show so well, so now how much you think he was getting paid that he stepped into to host this show, well according to reports he was paid approx. Rs.1 Crore per episode for that too for 1-2 seasons, well we do not have any insight about these current seasons.

But still after paying Mr. Big-B that huge amount KBC runs pretty well, so above answers shows you the full insight on how really these KBC crew makes money and how easily they pay everyone to keep them satisfied. via - moneyarora