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04 November 2013

How to Remove 40 Days Trial Period Popup from WinRAR

You might be getting that 40 days trial period popup if you haven't purchased the WinRAR tool full version for your computer, well now the free version actually works as a full PRO version and there is not big need to grab the full version tool as free version only comes up with a 40 days trial period popup which now an be removed easily using a free tool and a simple guide.

So now we will be using the Resource Hacker that allows us to modify and edit software controls pretty easily. So we will be searching for the reminder dialog control set and then we will be deleting that control set in order to remove the notification. So now you can check the full video tutorial below on how its exactly done.

Now if you wanna check full text tutorial then its written below so just follow all the steps mentioned below and enjoy. 
  1. resource-hacker-toolDownload Resource Hacker tool.
  2. Now after downloading this tool, install it onto your system.
  3. Now you need to fire it up and give your WinRAR.exe path to it.
  4. So press File > Open and navigate to C: > Program Files > WinRAR and choose WinRAR.exe by double clicking.
  5. So now you have selected your file it will show some folders on the left hand side so now expand Dialog > Reminder and you will see some 4 digit file.
  6. Click on that file and then it will show you the exact 40 days trial notification popup that you normally see,
  7. So now right click on that 4 digit file and choose Delete Resource option.
  8. Now you have deleted your resource choose File > Save as option and save that new file onto your desktop with WinRAR as your file name.
  9. Now your new file is created, now we need to replace this new file with your old file in C: > Program Files > WinRAR.
  10. Now just replace the file and press Continue, that's it now your new file will be up and running and you can verify it by double clicking on that file.

So now you won't get any trial days expire notification popup when you use WinRAR, so now you can enjoy free version WinRAR as full version tool. So guys do like this post below if you really got some knowledge from this post, have fun & enjoy.