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23 December 2013

How to Automatically Invite all Friends to Like your Page

facebook-invite-friendsWell gaining more and more likes on Facebook Pages is a must campaign and people are just into this thing for making a nice online community, well I have earlier posted an awesome webpage script that allows you to easily get more likes by just implementing that on a webpage that gets a good amount of visitors. But the process of liking starts within your own group, so you normally invite all your friends to like your page but the problem is pressing that silly Invite button in front of your friends name is really a boring Job. Well we are going to make that process faster and easier.

Well we will be using a simple script that going to automate this process by clicking ever single button within seconds. Its something like the automatic group adding script we posted earlier, so just follow below simple guide and enjoy.
  1. Open Facebook Page on which you wanna invite your friends.
  2. Now just navigate to Build Audience > Invite option.
  3. Now it will open the friends showing dialog with the Invite option with every name.
  4. Now just press F12 on the Chrome to open the inspection tab.
  5. Now navigate to the Console tab and paste the below script.

    var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName('uiButton _1sm');
    for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) {

  6. After pasting the above script just press Enter and see how all your friends are invited to your page for liking it.

So guys now no matter how many pages you own, or how many friends you wanna invite, this script can just make your process faster and smarter. Now just open up any page and then easily use this script to invite all your friends.