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29 December 2013

How to Play Games Without any Graphic Card Installed

Graphic card plays a very important role in overall PC performance + gaming environment. Well for the outmost gaming experience its recommend to go with the best graphic card option else you might face errors such as errors while installing bluestacks tool on windows. I even posted on how you can fix the graphic errors faced while installing Mortal Kombat game on windows pc you can check that too.

Well if you are a gaming freak then you might have noticed that few games actually do not need a graphic card to be installed but they can be played pretty well without installing any graphic card, so today I will be showing you how you can easily play all those games without any graphic card installed.


So we are going to use 3D-Analyzer, well earlier we posted about the swiftshader files that worked great, but now that method is just gone down and we have this amazing tool that can be used as the best graphic card emulator. So basically this tool simply utilizes your RAM as a graphic card memory, so suppose you have 1 GB installed as your RAM then it will access near about 128 MB as the graphic card memory and then keep rest as the normal RAM.

So this way it simply fakes the system in having a nice graphic card but its still running on single RAM. So now lets jump into below steps on how this tool really works.

  1. Download 3D-Analyzer Tool for Windows.
  2. Now it's a .zip package so make sure to extract the package to get .exe file.
  3. So now as you will open this tool you will see a big Select button, simply press that too choose your game file.
  4. So make sure to navigate to the original game directory and select the .exe file of your game you wish to play.
  5. Now after selecting that game make sure to tweak settings as mentioned below in the image, just select every setting like below.
  6. Now after configuring the whole software, just press "RUN" option and then just wait and see how your game runs automatically.

Remember You can even save the batch settings for every single using the Save Batch File! option provided below in the tool.

So now every single person who do not want to waste money on graphic card for a playing a single he can easily rely on this tool for making that game run pretty easily. Well but I surely recommend that if you are a gaming freak then you should have all the tools and software's required for awesome gaming experience.

Well if you wanna have some more insight on how this tool exactly works, well check the below video on setting up this tool for FIFA.