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22 January 2014

Change Battlefield 4 Language from Russian to English


Hmmm so you downloaded that Battlefield 4 from unverified sources for free but stucked at that Russian or polish language which you cannot recognize or understand well this guide will help you in changing your language from Russian or Polish to the understandable English version which you can recognize and easily understand. Well this happened to me when I recently bought this game from the pirate seller and I though wooh I got this game for quiet cheap but after I installed the game it was really difficult for me to understand the language so I just googled it and found a nice tutorial that helped me a lot source below.

So now I thought many people might be facing the same issue so it would be a good idea if I share how exactly I changed the Battlefield 4 language from Russian to English. Well I will posting a video tutorial below too.

  1. Download the English Language Pack (800MB)
  2. Now I know the pack is little big huge but yes it works and the game is big too that's why language packs are huge too, so just download it.
  3. Now after downloading the above pack, simply extract it using WinRAR or other tools and then open the Battlefield 4 folder.
  4. You will find two files and one folder, well just copy those two .dll files and paste then inside the games folder C:Program Files\Origin Games \BATTLEFIELD 4\ if you are on 64 Bit system, it will be C:Program Files(x86)\Origin Games \BATTLEFIELD 4\ so just check where you have Battlefield 4 folder and paste the files.
  5. Now it already contains these files but these are modded ones so hit replace when prompted and it will paste these new files.
  6. Now once again open the download file and navigate to Data > Win32.
  7. Now here you will see that Loc folder just copy this folder and paste it @ C:Program Files\Origin Games \BATTLEFIELD 4\Data\Win32.
  8. Now it will ask you if you wanna replace the existing folder hit yes.
  9. That's it now your files are placed and your language pack is installed, now its only time to execute the command to implement the English Pack.
  10. Just download this English Implementation Registry Tweak.
  11. Now extract the tweak and execute the registry and yes when prompted that's it now it will implement your new English Language Pack as default.

So guys now we have implemented the English Language in your Battlefield 4 Game for windows PC, well I think you have followed the tutorial correctly and everything works great, have fun enjoying the tutorial & soon you will get the video for this tut. Thanks to CJS-CDKeys for this awesome tutorial.