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27 January 2014

Pause Music on your Android Device using your Hand

Remember we posted about the Flutter app for windows that could be used to control your music using your hand gestures, well we found something similar to that apart it do not have all those features of next and previous music but still it can mute your playing song easily by just waving your hand in front of that proximity sensor, well yes it uses your device proximity sensor in order to do this trick, so its necessary that you have proximity sensor in your phone to get this app working.


The best thing about easyMute is that its compatible with many other music apps like Google Music, Pandora and other's your favorite one's too. So now lets see how to install and get this app working.

  1. Download & Install easyMute on your Android Device.
  2. After installing this app you just need to open it up and enable the easyMute feature that's it.
  3. Now as soon as you wanna lower the volume or even pause the song just wave your hand in front of the proximity sensor and that's it your song will be paused or lowered down, so that you can listen to the one you want too.
  4. Well there are many settings you can even configure, that might suit you, so just head over to the settings panel and shuffle up all those settings.

Well you can impress your friends using this app and you can show them how smart is your phone, so now its upto you how you actually use this app, have fun and enjoy using this app, sincerely RJ :)