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27 January 2014

Google Chrome Standalone Offline Installer Download


Google chrome I a remarkable browser developed by Google, which is light and good for regular browsing activity, earlier we though that developers cannot work quiet good on Chrome and they loved Firefox due to its inspection tabs but I think the pleasure and comfort for developing online stuff is much more convenient on chrome then on Firefox. So everyone loves chrome sure to its al around awesomeness, well but obviously people face problems downloading and installing the chrome using its online installer. Well today we will see how you can easily download chrome using the standalone offline installer that works well.

Download Offline Installer for Google Chrome

Now why to go with standalone offline installer, well there can be many reasons either you could have a low speed internet connection that you fear you might disconnect the internet and your whole download will vanish away or there can be many other reasons, so using this standalone installer you can easily download the chrome from any cyber café, your friends house who have a nice internet connection and then you can easily install it onto your PC without any internet.

  1. Download Chrome Standalone Offline Installer.
  2. Now just visit the website using the link in the right and then it will ask you to Accept and so on.
  3. Click that link and your download will get started, well the file is 35MB in size, so just download the file and install it normally.

That's it now your chrome browser will be installed and you can easily browse the internet faster, well you can even transfer this installer to other PC. Well guys so this ends the whole tutorial. Hope you easily install chrome browser on your low internet enabled PC, do check out our other tutorials on chrome and its extension you will love them up, if you like this post do share it with all your friends.