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14 January 2014

Amazing Prank Facebook Status Link Hack Trick Revealed

facebook-link-hackRecently we posted on how you can easily use two profile pictures on your facebook account, well that implies to your primary profile pic and the one that's displayed while you post something that small one, well yes you could have two different profile pics you can check that post, so using the same thing we found one another link hack that can be used in order to manipulate the actual redirection link.

So now not with the motive of becoming a spammer, we will show you how you can easily do that trick and achieve that same result. Well just follow below steps and you will become a prankster.

Pranking Facebook Friends with Fake Link Hack

So now if you are really in a mood to prank your friends with this trick, then come one check for yourself how this thing is actually done.

  1. Open Facebook.com and Sign-In.
  2. Now just enter the link you need to manipulate with the fake link in your status field, now just wait till facebook fetches all the information from that link.
  3. facebook-status-link-inspect-elementNow as soon as your image is fetched just right click and press Inspect element option like in the image on the right.
  4. Now it will open up the Inspect Element dialog, now just scroll somewhat down and you will see all those <input tags.
  5. Now just search for attachment[params][urlInfo][user] and attachment[params][url] and these tags contain value which has your original URL.
  6. Just replace that URL with the URL on which you wanna redirect the reader or visitor. As you can see in the above image I have changed the second one to google.com but the original one redirects to my website.
  7. So that's it after changing both the value's to your fake URL, you just click anywhere to save this and then close the Inspect Element dialog.
  8. Now hit post and that's it now your post will look normal but when someone clicks on the post he will be taken to the fake URL.

So that's it guys this was the easiest way on how you can easily redirect your visitors to some fake URL in Google. Hope you liked this trick, well if you just share this with all your friends and check below video for more insight.