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12 January 2014

How to Add Star Ratings to your Blogger Blog Posts Easily

star-ratings-googleHave you seen many bigger websites displaying some nice star ratings below their post titles referring to a nice product that they reviewed, well now that not what google automatically fetches from their website but there is an easy way to display these start ratings using the HTML Markup, well we are going to add that same markup to our blogger blog posts and display star ratings pretty easily. So you can see from the above image how the star ratings actually look like you can add 3 start or 5 start that depends on you.

The only think is that you should be genuine in order to display this start rating in your blogger post, user should not be confused with these star ratings that product is not genuine. So please make sure about this, now lets see how its done.

  1. Open Blogger > Posts > Ant Post. (In which you want to add star rating's)
  2. Now shift to the HTML section and scroll to the bottom of the post.
  3. Now just add the below code and make changes as required.

    <style>.hreview{display:none}</style><div class="hreview"><span class="item"><span class="fn">IDM Optimizer</span><br/></span><span class="reviewer">Reviewed by Rishabh Jain</ span><span class="dtreviewed"><span title="2014-01-10"class="value-title"></span><br/></span>Rating:<span class="rating">5</span></div>

  4. So now just change the code in purple with the product name you are currently reviewing, like mine is IDM Optimizer.
  5. Second one is the Blue color code change it with the reviewer name, like I have written my name, write yours.
  6. Now you need to change the review date, just change it to the date you reviewed that product, format is YYYY-MM-DD
  7. And the last think is the that number is Orange color, just change it to the star rating number like if you wanna pass 5 rating then 5 or any other number from 1-5 will add that star rating.
  8. After you can completed everything just Save the post and you are done. Well now to check if its working just visit Google Rich Snippet page and simply enter your post URL and press Preview button.
  9. star-rating-bloggerThat's it now you will see the the star rating for that post like in the image on the right. Well now this is just a demo and actually results might take sometime to appear in the Google search results.

So now your job is done and star rating is up, now just wait for few hours or so until google updates your post and then you will be able to see star ratings right below your post title in Google search results. So guys if you like this post, do share this will all your friends I will be in touch bye.