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02 June 2015

Bitdefender Mobile Security 1 Year Genuine License Key

Well you might be thinking that how come we are posting so many security based posts related to antivirus and other security suites, well as you all know online threats are getting broad day by day, so I thought it would be a nice idea to post few good antivirus giveaways that might protect from all those online threats. Well recently we posted about the 1 year genuine bitdefender internet security giveaway, so if you are computer you can get that too. And we even posted about the Norton Mobile Security 1 year genuine license key you can get that too if you do not likes Bitdefender.

But if you are die hardcore fan of Bitdefender like me and you even have Android based phone then this giveaway is just for you. Well now you can get 1 year genuine license key for Bitdefender Mobile Security that will protect your device from all those harmful viruses and even increase mobile battery backup.


So now lets get started to see how you can easily get 1 year free license key without any hassle. You just need to enter Captcha code and your email and you will get the license key instantly right in your inbox.
  1. Visit Promotional Page.
  2. Just tick the "I am not a Robot" option.
  3. Now just enter your email address and then press on the big green button.
  4. That’s it now you will receive the license key right inside your INBOX.
  5. So now just install the app on your android device [LINK]
  6. Now as soon as you open the app you will find the license activation wizard just enter the license key you have received & it will activate instantly.

Well this ends this awesome security based tutorial, hope you get this offer availed by 5th of April as it might end soon. Make sure that you own a Android Phone to get offer working as this app is only available for Android Phones.