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31 May 2015

SIM Card Not Detected Error on Mobile Phone [Solution]

SIM card detection problem fixes

There could be a time when your SIM card is not detected properly and you are not able to get proper reception in your cell phone, well if this case happened to you or you are still facing this issue, then we have few solutions that might help you out in fixing this issue and get proper signals in your cell phone.

How to Fix SIM Card not Detected Error on your Mobile Phone

Well below are the 6 Methods you can try to fix this issue and get your SIM card in working state, hope this post give you proper reception ;p

#1. Checking IMEI Number of your SIM Card

Every SIM Card is assigned with a unique IMEI number that can help you track your lost or stolen mobile. It's a mandatory part and need to be present.

To check your SIM's IMEI Number you need to dial *#06# and IMEI number will popup immediately on your screen, if in any case it does not show up, then there is some issue with your mobile and you need to call customer care and take action.

If you own a DUAL SIM phone then make sure both your SIM's have different IMEI number, this could be the first problem of no SIM card detected.

#2. Cleaning SIM Card Chip with Soft Cloth

Another option could be cleaning your SIM card in order to get it working, you can switch off your mobile, then remove the SIM Card, simply clean it with a soft cotton cloth, that will remove any dirt from it and eventually fix the problem.

#3. Swapping SIM Cards in different Slots

If you are using dual SIM phone and not getting reception in one SIM, then swapping your both SIM cards with each other could be the solution. Simply turn off the phone and swap the first one with the second one, hopefully this could fix the problem.

#4. Switching to Another Network Provider SIM

You can try to switch to another SIM provider and see if there SIM is working and getting proper signals or not. You can do this by asking your friend to lend his SIM for checking purpose, if it works then probably your phone's SIM slot is giving problems.

#5. Checking the Proper Cutting of Micro SIM Card

Now a days after apple introduced that micro SIM card every phone manufacturer is shifting to that and this happened to me, I by mistake trimmed my SIM card more then required hence failing my card to be detected, so check that and issue another SIM card and cut it properly.

#6. Resetting Phone to Factory Settings

Doing a hard settings or memory reset could help fix this issue, there could be a setting modification that will be shifted to default setting when you make a hard factory reset, so try doing that maybe that could fix your issue.

#7. Getting Phone Checked in Service Center

This could be your last option, if all the above solution don't work then you can take your phone to a service center and get it fixed, this might involve SIM Card Slot repairing and hence fixing your reception issue.