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11 February 2014

Norton Mobile Security Free 1 Year Genuine License Key

Are you concerned about the mobile theft protection, maybe you wanted to protect your device from unauthorized access. Maybe you think your device could be stolen one day and you should be prepared to take some action right on that moment, well whatever thing is either you wanna scan your device for some unwanted adware’s or anything Norton Mobile security can help you out.

The best part about this security is that automatically protects you from all those SD Card virus transfers. You can easily scan your card and remove viruses from it and pretty more. The Anti-Theft option also allows you to track your device where it is left out you can erase your device content for security issues its pretty like that same Android Device Manager.


So now lets see how you can get this awesome mobile security worth $29.99 absolutely free. Well we will using some simple online tricks and a USA based coupon code to match the criteria and get this awesome offer.
  1. Visit Norton Mobile Security Offer Page.
  2. Simply select 1 Year/1 Device option and press Buy Now.
  3. Now you will be taken to the Shopping Cart page, simple enter the coupon code STAY_SAFE_NAM and press apply.
  4. Now your code will be applied and you will be able to see your amount has been reduced from $29.99 to $0 that’s free.
  5. Just press Continue to Secure Checkout.
  6. Now comes the main technical step, you need to use the USA based credentials that include the name, credit card number and other thing.
  7. So visit http://www.fakenamegenerator.com and then choose the Gender to be Male, Name set as American and Country as United States.
  8. Now hit Generate and you will get your fake identity.
  9. Now just enter every single detail as mentioned on this fake page on your secure checkout option.
  10. Well make sure while entering your credit card number you do not add any spaces in between as mentioned on the Fake Name Generator website.
  11. That’s it after entering everything genuine you will receive your Product Key in your email. If you use fake email make sure to activate it.

So guys now you can easily install the app by visiting the Norton Mobile Security page, just sign in with your email. Now you need to add your device and then choose which device you have, choose from Android or iOS.

Now all the options mentioned below are available for your device, if it gets lost or so you can easily sign in to your Mobile Security page and then use all these options.


Now just setup the app on your device and you can also register your purchase by going to the register page here and then entering your key. So guys now just enjoy your free mobile security subscription for 1 full year. Do comment below if you find any problem, maybe if could solve it out for you.