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03 February 2014

How to View Large Size Pic of Locked Profile's on Facebook

Facebook-logoSometimes while using Facebook you come across some profiles that you want to explore more to get more Intel on their life. Well the first thing you always start with is their profile pic if they have applied a nice pic you click on it and then you know who is that person and then you can obviously send him a friend request.

But many times people are using some privacy options to not display their profile pic in large size, so you normally see that shrinked up size of anyone's profile pic as you are not able to click on it t get the enlarged size. So now today I am going to show you an easy way to view large profile pics of locked profiles.

So now its dam! easy you do not need any external tool to do so, but facebook has a inbuilt bug that allows you to display anyone's large locked profile pic.

  1. Visit Facebook.com
  2. Now open any profile that is locked and you want its profile pic to be enlarged.
  3. Now just right click on the profile pic and click on Copy image URL.
  4. Now you are going to get some URL like below.


  5. Now just remove the s160x160/ part from the above URL and hit enter.
  6. Now you are going to see the large size of that small locked image.
  7. So its that easy now whenever you come across any locked profile, just follow this same steps to see the enlarged version of that image.

Update 1 Another way as suggested by Parv Jain to do the same thing is by replacing the above code with s720x720/ that will work too and it will show the same thing.

Update 2 Well another way to view the profile picture by Pravin Purohit is by using this simple URL and changing the profile ID http://graph.facebook.com/profile id or username/picture?width=500&height=500