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30 April 2014

How to Download Images from the Android Play Store

Well if you ever tried to download the images form the google play store, well you might have seen the images are downloaded with the .webp extension, well this is a new kind of extension which is currently being used by Google for their android play store apps data, storing their images and displaying them. Well .webp is a new format and its basically more optimized then .png or so.

So this extension will become the extension of future and possibly windows will get this extension working in their default image viewer, but for now your saved images from the google play store won't open in your computer as its nor recognized.

Converting .WEBP Images into .PNG or .JPG

So now you obviously need to convert the images in order to view them right in your PC, well we can use a nice tool called "XNconvert" that can detect these images and can output them in an extension you won't. Its library contains a lot of extension, so its not compulsory that your images will converted in .PNG or .JPG only but its can be converted into many other extensions.

  1. Download the XNconvert Free Tool.
  2. Now after downloading the appropriate version for your PC you need to install it, well its will also download and install the visual C++ so let it install.
  3. Now you can drag your .webp image onto this tool.
  4. Now navigate to the the Output Tab and choose Source Folder as the Output Folder and also choose .PNG or .JPG under the Format Tab.
  5. Now press Convert and your image will be converted and will saved where your .webp image was saved.

So now your image will be converted and you can use this image in your blog and even upload it to any of the file hosting website. So now this was the one way to convert the .webp images into common image extension. Well I will also show you another easy way that you can use in order to copy images from Google Play Store.

Copy Images from Play Store using Snipping Tool

Well this is another easy way you can use in order to copy images from the google play store, well using the default snipping tool that's provided by windows you can easily select the area and then save that area in a .PNG format, so we can easily select that specific image area and then save that image as .PNG, so this could be faster way and it even does not require you to install any tool.

Well I have just created a nice video demonstrating both the tool and the snipping demo, so it could be useful, check it out below.