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29 April 2014

Nice Tips on Improving your Mobile Camera Photography


Mobile phones are day by day improving their technology, bringing more resources into a single and small portable device. Nowadays people have stopped caring those big, bulky DSLR Cameras, but they're just having the high end smart phones for their own personal photography needs. Well, as the technology improves. Even the smartphone companies are including great speed, nice optics and even improving the megapixel specs of their smart phone cameras. So today we're going to discuss few points that will help you in improving your mobile camera photography which will help you in becoming professional photographer without even using the DSLR camera.

  1. 101 Composition - if you no little bit about photography, then you might be aware about the 101 composition rule. Well, the composition 101 includes the set of horizontal and vertical lines, you need to imagine whenever you are clicking snapping any photograph. Normally the high-end DSLR cameras comes with this feature, which you can enable in order to view these horizontal and vertical lines while you're photographing, but if you're using smartphone and do not having these grid lines feature than you can imagine this lines and shot your images on these lines to get the perfect focus in order to improve your photography.
  2. Stop Using the Zoom Feature - normally, People love to zoom on the object they see far away from their eyesight but is you are not having a high-end DSLR camera, then it's recommended that you do not use the zoom feature that is provided on the smartphones because as smart phones are becoming thin and the technologies getting really small zoom feature is getting quite bulky. So as soon as you zoom using smart phone, you might be able to see pixelated image that distorts your image and makes it look wacky.
  3. No Editing While Shooting - well, nowadays many smartphones provide pre editing feature. While you're actually photographing your image. Well, it is actually not recommended to edit your images while you're shooting them. Many post editing software's are available that you can use in order to edit your images after your shooting is done. Well, this is said because shooting needs concentration, hard work and a lot of practice, so make sure you devote your time shooting, but not editing as editing could be done afterwards.
  4. Shooting in Right Light - obviously shooting in the right light is really important for Best photography, you need to check for the best lighting solutions available to make sure that your photography clicks perfectly. If there is a dark scene. Make sure you enable the flashlight you have in your mobile phone to get the best shot.
  5. Using Phone Features - well earlier, you might have seen Sony introduced many photography based phones that comes with the really awesome photo-based features like awesome effects blur effect distortion effect in many other so it's really important that if you're having a phone like that, then you should obviously consider looking for the features your phone comes up with. You can check out the guide you got with the phone, the book manual or checking the YouTube videos for more interesting features.
  6. No Direct Sunlight - will make sure when you doing photography, you are not doing it under the direct sunlight impact. Direct sunlight may provide excessive light that your lens cannot bear and you might not be able to see the main object. Say if you're having a direct sunlight impact. Make sure you use something that shades you object to get the perfect light and the perfect shot.
  7. Fill the Frame - well, normally you won't be able to blur the images like DSLR camera can. So it's better to fill the entire frame by not taking the images of objects faraway, should try to be as close as you can and get the best shot.

So pretty much these were the few points few tips. I guess that could really help you out getting the most out of your mobile camera photography, so follow these tips honestly and you should end up with some really awesome photographic structures. Well, if you think I missed any of the point that is really important, then you have the comments section below do comment in to inform me, Peace !