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22 April 2014

Best Tips to Increase your Google AdSense CPC & Income


Stepped recently into the blogging community after hearing a lot of success stories, well then you might have planned a nice blog under $10 using blogger and then monetizing it using the best and worth online platform Google AdSense. Well I would say you have made a nice choice of starting a blog and then simply embedding AdSense ads to monetize your content but still you need to be following few awesome tips and tricks that will help you in extracting more income from your account.

So lets see all the points mentioned below that could help you in making a nice livelihood using AdSense.

  1. recommended-ad-sizesRecommended Ad Sizes – well you need to make sure that you are using the recommended ad format from AdSense, as it will help you in attracting more eyes and even making them click on your advertisements. Well currently adsense provide you with 5 best and most recommended ad formats that you could use on your blog. You can check for these ad formats by visiting your adsense account and clicking on the my ads options and then creating a New Ad unit.
  2. Best Ad Placement – well placing your ad on the spots where it could be viewed properly is must, well I have written a separate post on Best AdSense Placement for Optimizing your AdSense Income, check that out and maybe you could shift some ads that could earn you more.
  3. Implementing AdSense for Search – well adsense provides you with many more options you can configure to increase your reach in gaining more from it. Well apart from all these display advertisements you can even implement its search advertisement feature that displays ads right inside your search created using google CSE platform. Well I have written a post that will help you in understanding this awesome feature check it out.
  4. Type of Ad – effects the major income area, so its advisable to use the combined type of ad that contains the mixture of Text and Graphic advertisements. As its been researched that the text ads pays the better CPC then the graphic ads in some cases but sometime Rich Media Ads perform better then any other, so its better to research on what performs best for your website but according to me its advisable to keep the ratio to 1:1.
  5. Faster Loading Ads – well recently google introduced the Asynchronous Loading ads that loads faster and performs well, so its really advisable to shift from old ads and implement the Asynchronous Loading version so that your ads load faster and you earn better. Well you can check the post for detailed instructions.
  6. Increase Traffic – Well the major upgrade you can do to your website to increase your adsense income is to increase your visitors. Well now increasing your visitors could not be easy as implementing adsense but by giving time to your site and posting content that's beneficial for everyone could result in getting high traffic returns. So the more traffic you have, the more clicks could result in which could lead you to high and genuine adsense earnings.
  7. Target Countries – well targeting traffic could not be enough for adsense as adsense does not pay a good amount for few countries including India, but you get some awesome click per cost for USA, UK, Australia, Canada and many other's. So its advisable to target these countries for traffic. If you get enough traffic from these countries then you could possibly make a good amount.
  8. Implementing High Paying Keywords – well I do not believe in implementing keywords to gain good return as adsense robots are really intelligent in detecting the keyword spamming, so if you could write best in your own native language creating sentences that's understandable by everyone, then robots will understand that too and will automatically show you relevant ads, but still if you want to try you can start with the official google tool "Keyword Planner" that's works best.

So pretty much these were the 8 points I think that could prove to be useful in getting more clicks and increasing your overall income. Well if you think I have missed any serious point that could help others in getting more from adsense then do comment below. I will update that point by linking you as the source :)