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21 April 2014

How to Identify if the Facebook Profile is Fake or Not

facebook-fake-profileUsually with more and more users joining Facebook on daily basis you obviously have a good option to connect with more and more friends all over the world but still finding a good and decent friend is really difficult on it as people are just masking them selves behind fake profiles, either to sniff your data or to just prank you out. Well we just found few easy ways that should help you in identifying if facebook profile you are interacting with is fake or not.

  1. His or Her Profile Name - well it's the first thing you all see when ever you are going to interact with any new person, so its pretty obvious if it's a fake profile then he or she might be using some fake irrelevant name, like some bad word, some higher celebrity name or anything that looks cheesy, so you can identify him.
  2. Gender Matters - hmmm so you know what I am talking about, the fake ratio is much more for female profiles then male one's so if you met any female, so make sure to match that profile with other points maybe she could be a fake witch that might trouble you in future haha.
  3. Friends Count - well I have usually seen that fake facebook profiles have more huge friends list then any other normal profile, well that can due to some mis-targeting advertising campaign they might be running and they surely needs a huge lust volunteers to participate in that contest, so a female basically with more and more friends count might be a sign fake profile.
  4. Uploaded Photos - make sure to have a look at the photos before sending that profile a friend request, so possibly if it's a fake ID then the photos will be available to the public. So if you see more and more irrelevant images then just understand that that profile is fake.
  5. Status Update's & Comments - now its time to explore his or her wall, see their status updates, if it contains more and more links and websites are redirecting to some unknown place that can be a sign of fakism and do check how many comments are there usually there will be less comments as fake profiles are just used as BOT or so to updates status and links and to get traffic, so possibly you won't find some good comments.
  6. Info Check - do check their INFO, about what they have really mentioned in that thing, so possibly it will have different movies names, songs names, some irrelevant update or so that surely means that the profile is fake.

So possibly these are the few ways that you can use in order to identify if the facebook profile is fake or not, well now what you can do on your end to stop this activity, well you can report those profiles to facebook for manual check and if they find anything suspicious then they will get that profile down from search and their servers.