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16 August 2014

How to Manually Search for Movies & Songs Subtitles

Film Subtitles are extensively readily available over the web however its rather hard to reach to the genuine file location which we wish to reach. Subtitles are offered in various languages of the world, usually English Subtitles are primarily readily available. While Looking for a subtitle in the usual means we reach to internet sites where we can download the complete motion picture with subtitle, there we fails to obtain the subtitle as single from the entire film files.


Well now obviously there is a simple way to reach a proper destination and get the appropriate subtitle file using obviously google search. Well now today I will show you how you can actually attempt this search and enjoy. Well earlier I have also posted about the VLC Plugin that you can use to automatically download the movie subtitles, well if you wish to go manual then below are the steps mentioned.

  1. Open Google Search, now type the movie name with .srt extension. Yes .srt extension is the subtitle extension.
  2. So it would be like MovieName.srt and then you will get many sites open any of them check for the English one and download them.
  3. Well if you wanna go for the songs subtitles, you can attempt that search too, like SongName.srt now you will get songs subtitles too.

So now after you will get your subtitles download them and then you need to open your Movie or Song file and then navigate to Subtitle and then Open Subtitle Track. Now you can open your .srt file and then enjoy.