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16 August 2014

How to Automatically Redirect Blogger Blog to Another URL

blogger-logoWell if you have recently made a shift of your blog to another URL or you have just closed your blog and created a new website then you might be planning to shift all the traffic hence redirecting every single visitor to your new website. Well you can easily do that by just adding some lines in your <head> tag and hence your site will get redirected. Well earlier I posted a manual method but now I am posting a nice tool that will generate proper code fro your website and hence redirect it safely.

Well I have just added a nice redirecting tool that you can use to get the appropriate code for your website. Simply enter the site link on which you wanna redirect too and then copy the whole code and enjoy.

Redirect Blog to Another Blog Code Generator


Copy and paste below code after <head> in your blogs HTML
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  1. Open Blogger > Template > Edit HTML.
  2. Now press Ctrl + F & search for <head> tag.
  3. Now add the above generated code below it.

That's it now Save your Template and try refreshing your blog and see it being redirected to your new website. It will be an instant redirect, so it won't make any problem. Well if you loved this tutorial do like and share it.