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06 October 2014

Keep Older Windows OS Safe while Installing Windows 10

windows 10 installation

This might be question that might arise in your mind that how you are actually going to save the old windows OS as you might have tweaked it a alot, maybe you have added some nice themes, gadgets, some online tweaks and other stuff and now when new windows OS is released, you wanna test it out that how it works and blah blah.

Well in this post I am going to show you how you can easily backup your older windows OS, so that you can install the newer windows version to test it out off course as they have only released the technical preview version for testing purpose. And if you wanna come back to your older OS then you can easily shift to it.

Backup Older Windows OS using Ghost 11.5

We will be using the older tutorial in which I have deeply explained on how you can use Ghost 11.5 to creation Windows Partition Backups. So you just have to follow all the steps mentioned in that tutorial to create a windows partition backup and then boom.

After that you can install Windows 10 and see all the differences, if you anytime face that you want to got back to your windows 7 then anytime you can restore using the .GHOST file you have created earlier.

Using this trick you won't loose anything, all the drivers, settings, software's you might have installed will stay intact and you will get your windows 7 as it is back without any problem.

Well I even created a video that demonstrates how you can use Symantec Ghost 11.5 easily to create windows partition backup, you can view it below.