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26 October 2014

Finest iPhone 6 Bumper Cases to Protect your iPhone

iPhone 6 makes sure to delight your goals with all its brand-new functions and a wonderful design. Packed with advanced innovation, the iPhone should have full defense from any unintentional bumps or damage. Here is a list of finest iPhone 6 plus bumper cases. While full-fledged cases have the tendency to reduce the appearances of your iPhone, bumper cases for the iPhone 6 can be a cool, minimalist choice. You wish to flaunt your iPhone 6's design? Bumper cases are the method to go. Keeping this in mind, we have actually provided below the bumper cases which would supply your appealing iPhone the much required care.

iphone 6 bumper

Few Top Class iPhone 6 Bumper Cases

#1. Ringke Fusion


Ringke Blend features an anti-scratch layered COMPUTER back. It's a one-of-its-kind bumper hybrid where the case on the back is transparent. The bumper edges cover the ports too (with a removable opening). This assists keep the dust in the ports very little. The TPU cushion soaks up the shock to offer the phone the needed security from any unintentional bump or drop.

Developed for a more natural receptive feel when pressing the volume and power button, folks can make their phone appearance outstanding. Each Ringke Fusion is adjustable so you get a distinct case.

Cost: $30 Amazon Price: $8.99 (While composing this.)

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#2. Poetic iPhone 6 Bumper


Poetic is commonly among the firsts to produce minimalist cases for the iPhone. This one is no exception. It's an extremely very little bumper case that safeguards your iPhone 6 mainly from unintentional bumps. It's not a hybrid case (like a few of the others on this list) so your iPhone 6's back is still available to scratches and dust. The bumper includes proper cutouts for the ports. Like Bear Motion, Poetic's bumper cases are made from a mix of thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate-- for all basic functions, it's a case made from great, versatile product that can stand up to shocks.

Cost: $14.95 (Amazon cost: $7.95 at the time of composing this.)

#3. Spigen iPhone 6 Bumper


iPhone 6 is guaranteed to have excellent defense with Spigen bumper case with functions like "Extreme Drop Protection", "Air Cushion Technology for the corners", a scratch-free design, clear hard back panel with a versatile matte edge-- and a mix of TPU and polycarbonate for dual defense. For those searching for lovely design along with security, it is a respectable alternative.

Cost: $24.99 (Amazon cost: $10.99 while composing this.)

#4. Bear Motion Bumper Case


Made from premium thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate, Bear Motion guarantees to supply your iPhone 6 the security you are trying to find. It's not a really appealing case though: however where it compromises in good-looks, it comprises in tough form-factor and security. Folks that such as a Transformer-esque design visual may like this case. Access to the buttons can be a little difficult (for fat fingers).

Cost: $19.99 (Amazon Price: $6.99 at the time of composing this.)

#5. Photive Hybrid Bumper Case


This UV layered difficult polycarbonate frame with Flexible TPU border iPhone 6 bumper case has a safety design while including very little bulk to supply your phone the security you would desire. This case would not be a bad shot if you wish to provide your phone dual facility-good looks and excellent security.

Photive's hybrid bumper likewise includes a cool design for the button caps. It can mainly stand up to small shocks (from unexpected bumps). The cutouts are quite clean and it's a form-fitting design.

Cost: $29.95 (Amazon rate: $9.95 while composing this.)

#6. Luvvitt ClearView


Luvvitt Clear View is a bumper hybrid that showcases a TPU-edge bumper case connected to a polycarbonate transparent back. At a range, it resembles a bumper case however it has the included advantage of safeguarding your iPhone 6 from scratches on the back. A beveled edge secures the iPhone's screen when it's face-down.

Cost: $19.95 (Amazon cost: $9.95)

#7. Kayscape iPhone 6 Bumper Cover Case


This is a color line bumper cover case that offers your phone defense from any bump or fall. It enables simple access to buttons and cutouts. The case features life time maker service warranty. If you are trying to find security and do not mind some additional bulk, it is an alternative you can check out. Readily available in black.

Cost: $9.99 (on Amazon at the time of composing)

#8. Bessky iPhone 6 Bumper Case.


This bumper case from Bessky for iPhone 6 functions a metal frame and tempered movie glass protector. With 100 % strong block of airplane grade aluminum, light penetration ratio 93.7 %, the retina and HD very amoled suitable high quality screen protector appears to be sufficient to offer the required security for the phone.

Cost: $18.05 ($9.53 on Amazon at the time of composing this.)

#9. Khomo iPhone 6 Hybrid Bumper Case


Made with the combination of COMPUTER and TPU, this hybrid bumper case is even more than efficient in supplying your phone the needed security from any shock, scratch or undesirable damage.

The design of the case offers you simple access to all the functions like video camera, speakers or buttons. It provides a 5-year guarantee.

Cost: $ 29.95 ($7.99 on Amazon while composing this.)

#10. Case Square iPhone 6 Bumper Case


This bumper case is ultra slim. It will not include any bulkiness in your phone. The eliminate of the case offer simple access to all the functions. If you wish to safeguard your phone and include some color to it, you would like this case. Offered in, silver, black, black gold, pink, grey and grey gold.

Cost: $7.98

So guys this ends this list of iPhone 6 Bumpers that might help you in protecting your device from all that unknown damage, well lets hope that you could find the one that fits well, looks good and serves best. Do comment if you have any other good bumper that should be added in this list.