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24 October 2014

Scientific Explanation to all the Indian Custom Traditions


Traditions in Hinduism were thought about mostly as superstitious notions, however with the arrival of science, it is ending up being noticeable that these customs are based upon some clinical understanding and moved from generations to generations as customs. Though the typical individuals did not understand science in it, they were following it extremely consistently for many years. This blog site is an effort to advance the science engaged in these customs and habits?

  1. Tossing Coins into a River

    The basic reasoning offered for this act is that it brings Good Luck. Nevertheless, clinically speaking, in the old times, the majority of the currency made use of was made from copper unlike the stainless-steel coins these days. Copper is a crucial metal extremely beneficial to the body. Tossing coins in the river was one method our fore-fathers guaranteed we consumption adequate copper as part of the water as rivers were the only source of drinking water. Making it a custom-made made sure that people follow the practice.
  2. Joining Both Palms together to Greet

    In Hindu culture, individuals welcome each other by joining their palms? described as? Namaskar? The basic factor behind this custom is that welcoming by signing up with both the palms implies regard. Nevertheless, clinically speaking, signing up with both hands guarantees signing up with the ideas of all the fingers together; which are signified to the pressure points of eyes, ears, and mind. Pushing them together is stated to trigger the pressure points which assists us keep in mind that individual for a long period of time. And, no bacteria given that we don?t make any physical contact!
  3. Why do Indian Women wore Toe Ring

    Ring toe rings is not simply the relevance of wives however there is science behind it. Typically toe rings are endured the 2nd toe. A certain nerve from the 2nd toe links the uterus and passes to heart. Using toe ring on this finger enhances the uterus. It will certainly keep it healthy by managing the blood circulation to it and menstruation will certainly be regularized. As Silver is a great conductor, it likewise soaks up polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body.
  4. Using Tilak on the Forehead

    On the forehead, in between the 2 eyebrows, is an area that is thought about as a significant nerve point in body because old times. The Tilak is thought to avoid the loss of? energy?, the red? kumkum? in between the eyebrows is stated to keep energy in the body and manage the numerous levels of concentration. While using kumkum the points on the mid-brow area and Adnya-chakra are instantly pushed. This likewise helps with the blood supply to the face muscles.
  5. Why do Temples have Bells

    Individuals who are going to the temple needs to and will certainly Ring the bell prior to getting in the inner sanctum (Garbhagudi or Garbha Gruha or womb-chamber) where the major idol is positioned. According to Agama Sastra, the bell is made use of to offer noise for keeping wicked forces away and the ring of the bell is enjoyable to God. Nevertheless, the clinical factor behind bells is that their ring clears our mind and assists us remain sharp and keep our complete concentration on devotional function. These bells are made in such a method that when they produce a noise it develops a unity in the Left and Right parts of our brains. The minute we sound the bell, it produces a sharp and long-lasting noise which lasts for minimum of 7 seconds in echo mode. The period of echo suffices to trigger all the 7 recovery centres in our body. This leads to clearing our brain from all unfavorable ideas.
  6. Why do we have Navratras

    Our living design has actually dramatically altered if we compare it to the society hundreds & countless years back. The customs which we follow in present are not facilities these days however of the past. Ever believed, why do we have Navratras two times a year unlike other celebrations like Deepawali or Holi? Well, both these months are the months of altering periods and the eating practices of both the periods are rather various from each other. Navratras provide adequate time to the body to adjust and prepare itself for to the altering period. These 9 days were marked as a duration when individuals would clean their body system by keeping quickies by preventing extreme salt and sugar, practice meditation, get a great deal of favorable energy, acquire a great deal of self self-confidence & enhance the self determination power (quick's are a medium to enhance our will certainly power and self determination) and lastly prepare for the difficulties of the altered period.
  7. Why do we Praise Tulsi Plant

    Hindu faith has bestowed? Tulsi?, with the status of mommy. Likewise referred to as? Sacred or Holy Basil?, Tulsi, has actually been acknowledged as a spiritual and spiritual passionate in lots of parts of the world. The Vedic sages understood the advantages of Tulsi which is why they personified it as a Goddess and offered a clear message to the whole neighborhood that it has to be looked after by the individuals, literate or illiterate. We attempt to secure it since it resembles Sanjeevani for the humanity. Tulsi has excellent medical homes. It is an exceptional antibiotic. Taking Tulsi everyday in tea or otherwise enhances resistance and assist the enthusiast avoid conditions, support his/her wellness condition, balance his/her body system and essential of all, extend his/her life. Keeping Tulsi plant in your home avoids bugs and mosquitoes from getting in our home. It is stated that snakes do not attempt to go near a Tulsi plant. Perhaps that is why old individuals would grow great deals of Tulsi near their homes.
  8. Why do we Praise Peepal Tree

    Peepal tree is practically pointless for a common individual, other than for its shadow.? Peepal? does not a have a tasty fruit, its wood is not strong enough for any function then why should a typical citizen or individual praise it and even look after it? Our forefathers understood that? Peepal? is among the extremely couple of trees (or most likely the only tree) which produces oxygen even in the evening. So in order to conserve this tree since of its special home they related it to God/religion.
  9. Beginning with Spicy & Ending with Sweet

    Our forefathers have actually stressed on the reality that our meals ought to be begun with something spicy and sweet dishes must be taken in the direction of completion. The importance of this eating practice is that while spicy things trigger the digestion juices and acids and make sure that the food digestion procedure goes on efficiently and successfully, sugary foods or carbs takes down the digestion procedure. For this reason, sugary foods were constantly advised to be taken as a last product.
  10. Choti on the Male Head

    Sushrut rishi, the foremost specialist of Ayurveda, explains the master delicate area on the head as Adhipati Marma, where there is a nexus of all nerves. The shikha secures this area. Below, in the brain, happens the Brahmarandhra, where the sushumn (nerve) shows up from the lower part of the body. In Yog, Brahmarandhra is the greatest, 7th chakra, with the thousand-petalled lotus. It is the center of knowledge. The knotted shikh assists enhance this center and save its subtle energy called ojas.
  11. Using Mehendi/Henna on the Hand

    Besides providing color to the hands, mehendi is an extremely effective medical natural herb. Wedding events are demanding, and frequently, the tension triggers headaches and fevers. As the wedding methods, the enjoyment combined with worried anticipation can take its toll on the groom and bride. Application of mehndi can avoid too much anxiety since it cools the body and keeps the nerves from ending up being stressful. This is the reason mehendi is used on the hands and feet, which house nerve endings in the body.
  12. Party & Cleaning During Diwali

    Diwali generally falls in October or November which marks the beginning of winter and end of rainy period. Rainy period wasn't a great time for everybody at that time; numerous houses required repair work and remodeling after a heavy fall. That is why time prior to Diwali was thought about the duration throughout which everybody can delight in cleaning and beautification of their house. As well as secure their winter season clothing and pack the summer season ones.
  13. Resting on the Floor & Eating

    This custom is not practically resting on floor and eating, it is relating to sitting in the "Sukhasa" position and afterwards consuming. Sukhasan is the position we typically make use of for Yoga asanas. Sitting in this position while consuming assists in enhancing food digestion as the circulatory system can concentrate only upon food digestion and not on our legs hanging from a chair or supporting us while we are standing.
  14. Why not to copulate Your Head to North

    Misconception is that it welcomes ghost or death however science states that it is due to the fact that body has its own electromagnetic field (Also referred to as hearts electromagnetic field, since the circulation of blood) and Earth is a gigantic magnet. When we copulate head in the direction of north, our body?s electromagnetic field ended up being totally unbalanced to the Earth?s Magnetic field. That cause troubles connected to blood pressure and our heart has to work harder in order to conquer this asymmetry of Magnetic fields. Apart from this another factor is that Our body have considerable quantity of iron in our blood. When we oversleep this position, iron from the entire body begins to gather together in brain. This can trigger headache, Alzheimer?s Disease, Cognitive Decline, Parkinson condition and brain degeneration.
  15. Surya Namaskar

    Hindus have a custom of paying concerns to Sun God early in the morning by their water providing routine. It was mostly since taking a look at Sun rays with water or straight at that time of the day benefits eyes as well as by awakening to follow this regular, we end up being vulnerable to a morning way of living and mornings are shown to be the most efficient part of the day.
  16. Ear Piercing in Children

    Piercing the ears has a fantastic significance in Indian values. Indian doctors and thinkers think that piercing the ears assists in the development of intelligence, power of thinking and choice making professors. Talkativeness fritters away life energy. Ear piercing assists in speech-restraint. It assists to minimize impertinent behavior and the ear-channels end up being devoid of conditions. This concept attract the Western world also, and so they are getting their ears pierced to use elegant earrings as a mark of fashion.
  17. Applying Sindoor or Vermillion

    It is intriguing to keep in mind that that the application of sindoor by wives lugs a physiological relevance. This is so due to the fact that Sindoor is prepared by blending turmeric-lime and the metal mercury. Due to its intrinsic homes, mercury, besides regulating blood pressure likewise triggers sexual drive. This likewise describes why Sindoor is restricted for the widows. For finest outcomes, Sindoor needs to be used best upto the pituitary gland where all our sensations are focused. Mercury is likewise understood for getting rid of tension and pressure.
  18. The Clinical Description Charan Sparsh

    Generally, the individual of whose feet you are touching is either old or pious. When they accept your regard which originated from your lowered ego (and is called your shraddha) their hearts give off favorable ideas and energy (which is called their karuna) which reaches you with their hands and toes. In essence, the finished circuit makes it possible for circulation of energy and enhances cosmic energy, changing on a fast link in between 2 minds and hearts. To a level, the exact same is accomplished with handshakes and hugs. The nerves that begin from our brain spread throughout all your body. These nerves or wires end in the fingertips of your hand and feet. When you sign up with the fingertips of your hand to those of their opposite feet, a circuit is instantly formed and the energies of 2 bodies are linked. Your fingers and palms end up being the? receptor? of energy and the feet of other individual end up being the? provider? of energy.
  19. Why do we Fast

    The underlying concept behind fasting is to be discovered in Ayurveda. This old Indian clinical system sees the standard reason for lots of illness as the build-up of poisonous products in the digestion system. Routine cleaning of hazardous products keeps one healthy. By fasting, the digestion organs get rest and all body systems are cleansed and remedied. A total quick benefits health, and the periodic consumption of warm lemon juice throughout the duration of fasting avoids the flatulence. Considering that the body, as described by Ayurveda, is made up of 80 % fluid and 20 % strong, like the earth, the gravitational force of the moon impacts the fluid contents of the body. It triggers psychological imbalances in the body, making some individuals stressful, cranky and violent. Fasting work as medicine, for it decreases the acid material in the body which assists individuals to preserve their peace of mind. Study recommends there are significant wellness advantages to calorie limitation like lowered dangers of cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, immune conditions and so on.
  20. Why Idol Worship

    Hinduism propagates idol praise even more than other faith. Analysts state that this was started for the function of enhancing concentration throughout prayers. According to psychiatrists, a guy will certainly form his ideas as per exactly what he sees. If you have 3 various items in front of you, your thinking will certainly alter according to the item you are seeing. Likewise, in old India, idol praise was developed so that when individuals see idols it is simple for them to focus to acquire spiritual energy and practice meditation without mental diversion.
  21. Why do Indian Women put on Bangles

    Usually the wrist part is in continuous activation on any human. Likewise the pulse beat in this section is mainly looked for all sorts of disorders. The Bangles utilized by ladies are generally in the wrist part of ones hand and its continuous rubbing enhances the blood flow level. Additionally more the electrical power losing consciousness with external skin is once again gone back to one?s own body since of the ring shaped bangles, which has no ends to pass the energy outside however to send it back to the body.