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24 May 2015

Be Safe Auto Expand Short URL's in Google Chrome

Short URL's came into existence for making the sharing a lot easier, these are easy to remember and takes less space for some online sites like twitter where there is restriction of 140 CHR. Well on the other spammers use short url service to spam redirectional links, that can lead to unsafe zone hence your computer can be compromised. Well apart from the safety zone it has a big advantage too like you can make money by shortening your URL links.

Sites like Adf.ly and Short.est pays you when some visits your shortened link and waits for few seconds. You can utilize this to make some good money.

But still there could a time that you get fed up from all these shortened links and to play on the safe side, you want all these links to be unmasked or auto expand automatically, so you just visit the proper link (original link).

Unmask Short URL's Automatically with this Chrome Extension

Enters Short URL Expander/Cleaner extension for chrome that does this JOB for you automatically, you just need to install the extension and then as soon as you visit any page with a short URL link, that link will automatically be expanding to the original link, hence you can be sure which link you are visiting.

url expander extension chromeurl expander extension chrome

You can check the above screenshot, how a short URL is automatically expanded into the original link, everything is done automatically and you get the safe link, that if you want you can click and visit.

So simply install the extension, then let it work on its own, you do not have to configure anything, now visit any page with shortened link and see the magic, links will be automatically expanded and unmasked.