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25 May 2015

How to Combine Multiple Audio Tracks Online for Free

There can be a situation when you want to combine or merge several .mp3 audio tracks online for easier listening or maybe combining your very own personal remix tracks, well is this is the case then you do not need any 3rd part software to be installed on your system, as this could be done for free using a simple online audio joiner tool that combines yours tracks and give you one single file.

Online Audio Joiner Toll for Merging Multiple Tracks

Online Audio Joiner application is created to combine numerous tunes (mp3, m4a, wav, etc.) into a single track. The program is provided for free and runs online, for that reason you do not have to install it on your computer system. Simply open the browser and begin combining.

You can pick between 2 modes of sound merger. If the "Crossfade" function is allowed, one track will slowly fade into another: the very first track will progressively disappear, while the second will certainly grow louder. This permits smooth shift when incorporating music tracks.

The application supports practically all media formats out there. You can incorporate MP3, OGG, WMA, M4A, WAV and a lot more formats. It deserves discussing that the program works finest and quickest with the MP3 music. Nevertheless, if you have to combine tunes in other formats, they will certainly be immediately transformed and opened in the joiner. If you open a video file, the joiner will certainly remove audio track from it.

The application was created for the single function, for that reason it is simple to utilize and will certainly not overwhelm you with the abundance of functions which are nearly never ever made use of anyhow.

For each track you utilize when producing a composition, you can change a certain period to be played. For this function you can move the blue sliders with either a mouse cursor or the arrow secrets. There is no restriction to the variety of tunes you can integrate. The optimum size of a file is 750 MB.

How to Merge Audio Tracks using this Tool Online

To utilize this service below are steps you can follow:

  1. Visit Audio Joiner Website.
  2. Click on Add Track option and choose the audio files.
  3. You can open multiple tracks that you want to combine.
    audio track joining page
  4. Now after tracks are shown you can do some modifications to the tracks timing and add that crossfade action to make it sound good.
  5. Then press the JOIN option and your joining will start, from there its going to take some time as its going to upload the tracks and merge them all together.
    joining files
  6. After some while you will get a direct download link for your combined audio track.

Now you can download that track and enjoy sharing it with your friends or uploading it online to social networks or maybe soundcloud for whole world to listen to it. So have utilizing this online free tool for combining your audio tracks, I will see you soon.