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24 May 2015

How to Create Personalized Font from your Handwriting


Fonts are all over in electronic devices like phone, computer system, tablet and so on. It is a font that figures out how a text on a page is to be shown, the design and look of a text differs on various fonts. In this tutorial you are going to find out the best ways to produce your very own 'Fonts'. Now you can make up files and mails in your very own handwriting. All you have to do is to read this post thoroughly, absolutely you can stun your pals.

Generally font development is a complicated procedure where you will certainly need to thoroughly draw each and every character and signs/marks making use of a computer system. However right here is an easy online tool to create fonts, this is an online tool on which you can submit your fonts (might be your handwriting) drawn by pen so the device will certainly provide you back your image transformed into a vector font. As the font is in vector format it will not lose its quality and the sharpness.

Make Fonts in your Own Handwriting with this Tool

Absolutely, we are going to develop your very own fonts. Below is the online tool mentioned that works well and develops your own handwritten font easily within few minutes. To make your very own font thoroughly do as follows.

  1. Visit MyScriptFont.com
  2. There you will certainly need to download a design template. (link is provided you can download the template using the link).
    script template for my script font
  3. You can see above how the template looks like.
  4. So after you have downloaded the above image, take print of this design template.
  5. Draw Alphabets and other Characters using your Black Pen (make sure to use only black pen for best results).
  6. You need to draw the alphabets inside the small light square box as you can see, so make sure alphabets does not cross that.
  7. When the writing is finished just scan the paper in high resolution (minimum 300 resolution). You can even click a picture of it that works too but obviously the clear one's will be considered as the passing one.
  8. Kindly keep in mind that the scanned file has to be under 2 MB file size to be submitted on this website.
    my script font upload tool
  9. Now we have our file to be submitted, visit the site again and click 'Choose File' button and find the scanned Image.
  10. Press Upload button and wait till it is being processed (About 30 Seconds).
    Yes you got your image transformed into font.

Points to Remember

  • Installing Your Font: If you are utilizing Windows XP, just go to control panel > fonts and paste your font inside. If you are making use of Windows 7 or above, open the downloaded font and click install button you see at the top.
  • Using Tool: If you are skilled with Graphic Editors like CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator, you can draw your fonts using them. Remember to save the file in 300 resolution.