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24 May 2015

Combine Multiple Internet Connections on Android Device

For viewing videos on your smartphones, you require internet connection with needed speed. At some point, you might face this circumstance when you're not able to enjoy online videos on your mobile due to slow connection. However, you have much better Wi-Fi connection and bad mobile internet connection. Use VideoBee to Combine Wi-Fi + Mobile Connection to Increase Video Streaming Speed.

Did you ever considered combing both your Mobile Internet and Wi-Fi connection to obtain a Better Internet Connection? If you have actually believed so, then you're so fortunate to be right here, to solve your issues.The above job can be done with an amazing app offered for Android called VideoBee. This app can fix your issue swiftly and combine your two internet connections together.

Exactly what is VideoBee?

VideoBee is a brand-new application offered for Android mobiles. VideoBee allows you to combine your Mobile Internet and Wi-Fi connections together. This will undoubtedly enhance your internet speed. It will certainly enhance your video buffering speed. If you have 2 active different Internet connections then link them by utilizing VideoBee like Wi-Fi + mobile or Wi-Fi + Wi-Fi. Even you can pair with your good friends and share their and your internet connection like mobile + mobile. You can likewise share videos with your good friends quickly. For utilizing this app you do not require any rooted device.

Combine Mobile Internet & Wi-Fi on Android Device

  1. Download VideoBee from Google Play to your mobile.
  2. If you have mobile internet and Wi-Fi connection then pick Wi-Fi and Mobile choice. If your device has no mobile internet connection, then choose Wi-Fi connection or get in touch with your buddies device that has a mobile connection. You can make use of VideoBee Solo Mode or in Group mode connection.
  3. For Solo Mode connection, select the Wi-Fi and Mobile alternative and for Group Mode connections, choose the create a brand-new group alternative. Then switch on your Bluetooth connection and produce a brand-new group with your good friends. Then sign up with the group by choosing the Join an existing group alternative on their mobile.
  4. However for utilizing Group mode, you require the following mixes connections like Wi-Fi + Mobile, Wi-Fi + Wi-Fi, Mobile + Mobile.

Conclusion: For my viewpoint, VideoBee is a finest and distinct application for enhancing internet connection quickly. Well! Hope so, this article will certainly work for you men! You people will certainly like this brand-new android app and this article.