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19 July 2016

Open Unknown File Types with Free Opener Software

Generally we have to set up several applications in our computer system to open various kind of file formats few of those software application are totally free and couple of them are paid. Apart from thinking about totally free or paid, we have to take a look at our computer system's efficiency too. Since we after setting up hundreds of software application our system will certainly become sluggish and disk drive likewise filled with hundreds of files. Exactly what if I tell you there is one single windows application that can open pretty much any file with any extension.

free opener windows application

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Free Opener Tool can open more than 80 File formats

Couple of circumstances where you can get the proper use of this extension are mentioned below:

  • You got a .psd (Photoshop file) from your designer but you do not have Photoshop installed in your system.
  • Some video formats which are not supported by player.
  • Opening newer version office file's if you have older version installed.
  • Opening .xml, .vb, .aspx sort of files without having actually installing any other separate tool to view them.

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Why you should not install different tools to open files ?

  • Few software's comes with license for which you have to pay.
  • Setting up more software's will certainly eat more disk drive area.
  • Computer system will end up being sluggish if increasingly more and at some point unneeded replacement takes place.
  • Virus attack while setting up software application which are not credible.

List of Different File types supported by Free Opener ?

  • Code Files (. vb,. c,. cs,. java,. js,. php,. sql,. css,. aspx,. asp).
  • Internet Pages (. htm,. html) or SRT Subtitles (. srt).
  • Images (. psd,. bmp,. gif,. jpg,. jpeg,. png,. tif,. tiff).
  • XML Files (. resx,. xml, xps (xml pager)).
  • PowerPoint Presentations (. ppt,. pptx,. pps).
  • Media (. avi,. flv,. mid,. mkv,. mp3,. mp4,. mpeg,. mpg,. mov,. wav,. wmv,.3 general practitioner,. flac).
  • Microsoft Word Documents (. doc,. docx).
  • RAW Images (. arw,. cf2,. cr2,. crw,. dng,. erf,. mef,. mrw,. nef,. orf,. pef,. raf,. raw,. sr2,. x3f).
  • Icons (. ico), Torrent (. torrent) and Flash Animation (. swf).
  • Archives (.7 z,. gz,. container,. rar,. tar,. tgz,. zip) or Apple Pages (. pages).
  • Text Files (. bat,. cfg,. ini,. log,. reg,. txt) and Rich Text Format (. rtf).
  • Microsoft Excel Documents (. xls,. xlsm,. xlsx) and Comma-Delimited (. csv).
  • Outlook Messages (. msg), PDF Documents (. pdf), vCard Files (. vcf), EML Files (. eml).
After you download and install Free Opener, it will take 5-10 minutes to install the desired application depending upon your internet speed. As soon as installation finishes you might open "Free Opener" software application from your Program list and open any file format type or any extension making use of single application on your Windows computer system.