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06 July 2014

How to Hide & Make your Profile Name Blank on Twitter

Well hiding your name on twitter does not have any special advantages but still if you are planning to do some mischief and hide your name on twitter like we posted on facebook, then we have any awesome trick that will help you in hiding your name on twitter pretty easily. Well we will be using simple comma trick that will help in hiding the name easily on twitter.

Well hiding your real name on twitter could make adverse effects if you are a verified user and you might not be able to change your name for next 30 days, so make sure you are aware about these consequences and you only do this if you really wanted to hide your real name for privacy reasons.

Well the above video demonstrates how actually the whole process works, one can easily hide their twitter name easily using the below steps.

  1. Sign in onto your Twitter Account.
  2. Now click the edit name option.
  3. Now enter “” instead of your name and press save.

That's it guys now your name will be hidden from twitter only your username will be displayed. This trick works pretty fine as demonstrated in the above video, so now its your time to hide your name if you really wanted too.