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17 July 2016

How to Play Random Ringtones in Android on Every Call

Everytime the software is updated we get new features that includes new ringtones, wallpapers and much more but still it lacks the essence of a real song playing while you are getting any call. if you are like me, I love to set a nice soothing ringtone on my device that does not irritate me but side by side is pretty audible to be heard. Now right now I am on an iOS device and adding ringtones to this is pain in ASS.

random ringtones in android device

Earlier I had a Jailbroken firmware and I used the UnlimTones to set any ringtone easily, you only to search the song name and then add that as a ringtone. But there is no such issue in Android but one thing you might want and it lacks is the ability to set random ringtones, that means every time a call comes you will hear a different song.

Sounds cool right, well lets see how you can do this in your android device that too without rooting your android device.

How to SET Multiple Random Ringtones in your Android Device without Root

Now the application we are sharing over here does not require you to root your device. So just follow the below steps and enjoy.

  1. Install the Random Ringtones Manager (RRM) on your Android Device, its a free application.
  2. After that just open your app and you will be inside the Ringtones tab, there you will see all the Ringtones, you can browse some songs from your device itself.
    random ringtones manager android application
  3. Now tick all the Ringtones that you would like to set as your new ringtones.
  4. That's it now whenever you will receive a call you will hear a different ringtone.

So guys this ends another awesome post for your android for setting unlimited amount of random ringtones for every call. So enjoy this new app and have fun. Do share your thoughts if you face any problem installing and using this application.