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03 June 2015

How to Increase Internet Speed on your Android Device

Pretty much the same issue faced by people all over the world "Slow Internet" hence slow work and entertainment. Nowadays as you know everything is online, either its business, entertainment or knowledge. One can be greeted with everything online by just swinging to any particular site and getting stuff easily.

increase android internet speed

But if your internet sucks then it becomes really a terrible situation as you cannot concentrate on your work due to low connectivity, your sites might not open properly and yes if you watching videos on YouTube then you know the biggest problem. Well we have posted about some nice tweak for Firefox that you implement in order to make your YouTube buffering fast, even if you are on windows then this tool can speed up your YouTube videos hence getting rid of all those buffering problems.

Make your Internet Fast on Android Device

Today we will be looking at few tips you can tweak in your android device to boost your internet speed easily. You can even check my earlier post on 5 tips to increase mobile internet speed.

  1. Setting Data Prefer option in your Settings

    In android you have the option to shift from Call Prefer to Data Prefer in case you wanted to give priority to Data transfer speed instead of Call connectivity. You can make this change by navigating to Settings > Wireless & Networks > GPRS Transfer Prefer and switching "Call Prefer" to "Data Prefer".

  2. Using 3rd Party Browser like UC Browser or Opera Mini

    Third party browsers comes with some built in tweaks that automatically accelerates your internet speed. You even get free add-on support like Firefox and chrome and hence you can make most out of these browsers. You can download UC Browser latest .APK for android device.

  3. Switching to 3G or 4G Network

    If your network company has come up with a 3G or 4G network plans, then the best option is to switch to these networks as they will allow you better speeds even an increased speed from your normal broadband running in your home. If you have activated 3G then make sure its enabled and shows 3G instead E in your status bar, to do so navigate to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Network > Enable 3G. Now try browsing again and you could surely see a speed increase.

  4. Connecting to a Wi-Fi while Browsing at Home

    If you are not able to pay those heavy 3G prices then using your conventional broadband network could help you save money and even get a boost in your internet speed. So while you are at home, switch off your mobile network and get Wi-Fi enabled to browse speedy internet. You can check some effective ways to access faster internet connection.

  5. Combining Multiple Internet Connections to Increase Speed

    This is another very nice way to increase your internet speed on your android device, well in case you are using your mobile internet connection, you can combine it with your home Wi-Fi or even ask your friend to lend his mobile internet to you, in this way you can use multiple internet connection on your android to increase its speed. You can check here how to combine internet on android.

  6. Stop Applications from Accessing Internet on Android

    This is another major hidden issue, where applications access internet in the background to stream your content or update it. You can prevent this by installing a 3rd party application called "DroidWall - Android Firewall" well this application allows you to stop applications from accessing the internet. These applications requires your phone to be rooted, so make sure its done before installing this applications.

  7. Increasing Network Signal Strength

    This could be another main reason for slow internet speed on your android device. If you live in a locality where you get low network signals, then improving that could be your fix, the one way is to contact your telecom customer support and tell them about the area where there are technical issues. They might be able to fix that, else you can even try installing some Network Accelerating App for your android to fix this problem.

  8. Increasing Internet Speed by Tweaking TCP Files

    There are many applications available to tweak internal files to increase your internet speed on android device. I found "Internet Speed Master" as a good application that could actually work and increase your internet speed on android. You can also check out optimizing internet speed on windows using TCP Optimizer.

  9. Switching to IDM for Downloading Files

    IDM is considered as the best downloading tool for windows, you get increased speeds and resume capability that can help you in case your downloads get broken. You can even download torrent files directly using IDM, well if you download a lot on android you can increase your download speed by utilizing the IDM app for android, you can even use IDM Optimizer or increasing IDM download speeds.

  10. Changing your Telecom Network Operator

    In case after following all the methods above you are still facing issues, the last best option I would recommend is to change your network operator, shift too a good reputed one like Airtel, Vodafone or something. Don't go for cheap schemes led by like Reliance they are bloody crap companies and do not deliver services upto the level. Shift to a good company and enjoy faster internet connectivity.

So guys this ends my post helping you to increase your internet speed on your android device, hope you enjoyed it and I hope it will help you in browsing online in a faster more convenient manner. Do comment below if you think I missed something.