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19 July 2015

Protect your Eyes while using Computers and Mobiles

Generation and technology is evolving, now we are not surrounded with people who are still doing those old works with the latest technology everyone has access to modern gadgets that is actually making our lives a lot easier. Now speaking about me personally I am running this site so I have to spend maximum time in front of computers and mobiles accessing many things to stay connected with everyone.


So now in this modern age there is a bad disease called "Computer Syndrome" which actually means sacrificing your eyes with the use of excessive computers. Now we can obviously fix those things with all those modern technology getting our eyes operated but still what's natural should be kept natural.

Best Tips to Protect your Eyes from Computer Syndrome

So today we have few tips that you can utilize in order to be on the safe side and work in a confident manner. Follow these below tips while using any gadget like computer, laptop or mobile phone.
  1. Clean your Screen - Dirt can actually make any screen displaying blurred images, that will make your eyes to concentrate more and that can end up stressing your eyes and brain. So make sure you clean your computer and mobile screen everyday before using it.
  2. Using Auto Brightness - These days everything comes with a built in light sensor that detects how much light is available in that area and hence changing the brightness automatically. It might drain your battery but this feature if used could actually make you feel a lot comfortable while using gadgets.
  3. Blinking Regularly - Your eyes get wet when you blink and that helps you from your getting your eyes dried out, so make sure you blink regularly while using mobile or  computer.
  4. Washing your Eyes - Make it a habit of washing your eyes after every 1 hour that gives them relief and allow you work in more soothing way.
  5. Having Healthy Diet - Having green vegetable will bring more healthy juice to your body, try to grab more and more green vegetables, apart from that having nice amount of juice could even make you feel better and refresh you while working hard.
  6. proper distance from computer screensCorrect Distance from Screen - Its very important that you maintain approx. 20-30 Inch distance from your computer screen, that will help you getting less of those harmful rays coming straight from your screen.
  7. Using F.lux Tool - F.lux is a nice tool that provides you with soothing light effect on your screen. It can convert your CFL based screen into Halogen based hence making it easier for you read and work at night. F.lux is also available for iOS devices via cydia, so if you have jailbroken device make sure to install it.

So these were the tips that will help you in protecting your eyes while using computers and mobile phones, make sure to follow them to get a better future with these gadgets. Do comment if you have any other tips to share.