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19 July 2015

4 Tools to Reduce Screen Brightness more then Minimum

screen brightness reduction tools windows and mac

Usually a new laptop screen could tend to have a very bright display, you try to lower the brightness level to the minimum amount but still it feels so much bright that you want to shut it down as its harming your eyes a lot. Well now in the daylight everything seems so soothing but in case you are working in night this could be a nightmare, So, I looked for some Software application options for the very same to minimize the additional brightness to lower below minimum.

Reduce Screen Brightness Even More with these Tools

I discovered these 4 Free tools to Dim Screen brightness on PC/Computer/Mac, these all are light-weight and work like directed! (definitely important for freaks like me who do the majority of their work throughout Night conserving the eyes!).

#1. Monitor Brightness Reducer

Monitor Brightness Reducer by Jockersoft is a little tool/utility which gets the job done as guaranteed! which too rather effectively! and for a surprise its simply 18 KB in size. The exe requires .Net Framework 2.0 which will be available by default in all the windows version after vista, but in case you are missing it, google it out and download it, its as simple to install as 123.

Also: F.lux Protects your Eyes while using PC or Browsing Internet 

Monitor brightness reducerAfter installing monitor brightness reducer you will certainly see a little icon in the taskbar which can be made use of for setting up the brightness as revealed along with you can set your brightness decrease % in any values in between (0-100) [Greater the value you pick more dimmer the screen will certainly be].

#2. Pangolin Screen Brightness

Pangolin Screen Brightness is another terrific tool for Decreasing Screen Brightness, and it too performs its functions as guaranteed, and the benefit differs from Display Bright, Pangolin Screen Brightness does not even need the .Net Framework and is an easy 118 KB single .exe file without any requirement of setup.

pangolin screen brightness tool windows

Just open it up and it will certainly begin working! No setup and setup inconveniences, after performing it will certainly lessen itself to the taskbar, you can right-click on the "P" icon and it will certainly reveal a setup menu as revealed along with which you can make use of to set up Screen brightness! Basic and Easy!

#3. Dimmer (Brightness Control Software)

Dimmer is a little totally free application created to manage the brightness of your computer system screen, specifically to minimize the brightness beyond exactly what the hardware alone can. This ends up being extremely beneficial when you remain in overall darkness and the minimum brightness from your display screen is still excessive. It can dim all screens and displays: LCD, TFT and LED backlit types.

dimmer tool windows

Dimmer will certainly not harm your screen or screen in any method, if anything, it may in fact conserve the backlight and subsequently, energy, by making it release less radiation. To keep in mind is that many desktop screens are in fact efficient in lowering the brightness levels rather low, the exact same is not real on practically all laptop computer, note pad and netbook display screens. Dimmer was developed to deal with all variations of Microsoft Windows, I simply cannot check on Windows 8 however it need to work great according to the current reports.

#4. Brightness Control for MAC

Investing the wee hours burning the midnight Mac oil? Has your Mac used up long-term house in your bedroom? Does your better half fuss and groan about aiming to oversleep broad daytime?

brightness control tool for macOffer your honey a break currently. Get Brightness Control, an awesome tool for dimming all your Mac's screens with one slider. Now, you can go to sleep and still watch out for that oh-so-important instant message or email you have actually been waiting on. Without tossing a pillow over your partner's head. Your mate will favorably like this device.

And do not worry! The results of Brightness Control are entirely reversible by stopping the application, striking the escape key or utilizing its convenient 'Restore' button. Most importantly, its free. That corrects, Brightness Control is freeware.

So, these are the helpful apps which can be utilized to secure the valuable eyes from extra brightness and strong colors, if you understand of some such incredible apps do not hesitate to comment, you can likewise ask your doubts/queries in the remarks area.